Happy Global Running Day

Happy Global Running Day and I hope you’re able to celebrate with a run! Running has been a part of my life since mid-2010.

One of my first collegiate cross country races.

You can read my running story here, but I started running in mid-college.

Since then I’ve met wonderful friends, coworkers, and even my husband.

Running a road race right before my wedding with Heather, Brittany, and Laura
Running with coworkers Colleen and Julie
Recently running with my brother Matt

All experiences I can share through the sport.  The beauty of running is it doesn’t matter your pace, speed or ability.  If you treat yourself well, running will be there for you.

Enjoy the day!

Are you running today?  

If not, that is fine too!  Typically in June, I find myself burned out or injured, so this is one of the few Global Running Days I feel excited to run!

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  1. We’ll be running after work this evening! Luckily for us today is the only week forecast for dry weather so it should be quite a pleasant one!
    It’s fantastic that you still love running after all this time, keep up the good work!

    Coffee & Avocados

    1. Got my run in despite some rain. Felt good even though still feeling some fatigue from my marathon a couple weeks ago. I hope everyone has a beautiful run today!

  2. First Global Running Day in running shoes for me in years as well! (injuries in June are a tradition, I guess)
    I had a beautiful morning run in the sun, just right before the rainy/stormy weather arrived.

    I am happy for you, Holly, that you found pleasure in running again 🙂

  3. Beautiful morning for a run! Hope everyone has a great day.

  4. injured and on my longest layoff from running ever after having to DNS for the first time at my marathon scheduled last weekend…guess i’ve had better global running days!!

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