Training: Sunny Weeks and 20 Miles

My workouts last week included running!  I guess that deserves an exclamation point right?  In the last week, I have felt a lot more motivated to run.  More importantly, I’ve enjoyed running.

Monday: 4 miles with my brother
Tuesday: Strength workout
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 5 miles with my friend Julie
Sunday: 4 miles and Core Workout
Toal: 20 miles

So how was it? 

I’ve been feeling good running.   To be honest, this is the best I’ve felt running in awhile.  Yes, I’m running far less miles but I’m enjoying miles.  There isn’t a lot to say as I continue to build my base back.  Since I took a lot of time completely off, my running fitness has decreased but I know it will come back.

I want to keep doing strength and core workouts.  Like many runners, I often “say” I will but don’t commit to the little extras.  I personally like the Nike Training Club and strength classes at my local gym.

For the next few weeks, I plan to keep doing what I’m doing.  I’ll gradually increase mileage but I’m not going to go crazy.  I do plan to jump into a few local races soon and get a feel for where I’m at fitness-wise.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of workouts?

What is your favorite strength workout?