Benefits of Adding Protein after Running

benefits of adding protein after running

I have read many articles about the importance of adding protein after running.  However, during many other training cycles, I let life get in the way.  I packed runs in before work or events. Getting the proper nutrition, stretching and “the little things,” fell through the cracks.  Half of the time, I was lucky to make it to where I needed to go on time.

This particular training cycle (what I’m actually training for is TBD), I have made an effort to do the little things like having protein after a run or core work.  Am I perfect?  No, but in the past few weeks, I’ve been more consistent.

As most people know by now, Quest Bars are my favorite protein bars. Recently they released three new bars called Hero Bars.  The Hero Quest Bars are different from their regular protein bars and cereal bars.


How so?

Every Quest Hero Protein Bar features a sweet, chocolatey coating, and a gooey filling and with a protein core.  They resemble candy bars versus the typical protein bars.

I tried each one:

quest hero bars

My favorite is the Chocolate Caramel Pecan.  It resembles a candy bar!

quest hero bar chocolate caramel pecan

So how have I been incorporating protein after my diet?

Thinking out loud, it’s actually obvious and I’ve been having a protein bar after each run (no matter the distance) and I seem to be coming back well.  I’m nowhere near PRing shape, but I’ve gone from struggling during 4 mile runs to running 6 miles like no big deal (well, I’ll leave it at running 6 miles).

What are benefits of consuming protein directly after a run?

Protein helps speed muscle repair after hard workouts (right now that is every run) which lead to faster recovery.

It also reduces the response from cortisol.  Cortisol is the stress hormone.  While I have another post about this soon, I recently got blood work done again, and my cortisol is lower than it’s been in a very long time!

Thanks to Quest for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own and I find the Quest Hero bars to be my favorite way to consume protein after a run.  They are easy to carry in a bag (when I don’t run from home) and easy to digest.  Since originally trying them, I have bought several boxes and continue to have a bar after each run.

Questions for you:

Do you consume protein after runs?

What are little things you find that help your running?

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  1. I’m really glad your running comeback is going well. Good luck with the summer heat and figuring out some goals for training once you get back into the swing of it. I do think it’s A-OK to run without a real goal for awhile too.

    I make an effort to get protein too, usually in shakes because it’s just so hot here after I run (if I run from home). Protein bars are sold everywhere though so they are convenient if you drive to a run, you can pick one up at a store and eat it in the car.

    I got one of the new bars but wasn’t really a fan of it, it’s a bit sweeter and has less protein than the original quest bars. I prefer the Quest oatmeal chocolate chip or the cookies and cream to these, but that’s just my personal preference.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m a vegetarian who is convinced I get enough nutrients (protein and iron mainly) but I do see the benefits of protein and I’ve been looking into adding more into my diet!

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