Cosmic Diner (NYC)

Cosmic Diner (NYC)

While in New York City, I wanted to try a new diner.  As luck would have if, we ended up at two.  The first we went too was the Cosmic Diner.  We walked right by it, and we were hungry, so we stopped. One great aspect about the Cosmic Diner is that its open 24-7.  Surprisingly, many diners are not!

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cosmic diner NYC

Cosmic Diner Atmosphere: A
For a tiny diner, it has everything a diner needs.  There are plenty of booths, tables, and a small bar located in the back. Even though the Cosmic Diner is small, you had space and weren’t sitting on top of anyone.

Cosmic Diner Coffee: A 
The coffee at the Cosmic Diner was brewed hot and fresh, and I have no complaints.  cosmic diner NYC

Cosmic Diner Service: B
Despite not being busy, our waitress wasn’t present too much.  We weren’t sure where she kept going. It wasn’t the best service, but she was never rude to us.  We could have used more beverage refills.

Cosmic Diner Food: C 
The Cosmic Diner has all of the regular diner staples.  There is plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner options but nothing unique or that sticks out.

I decided to stick with a tried and true diner staple: the gyro.  When it came, I noticed, there was a massive mound of salad and minimal French fries. Usually it’s quite the opposite. I asked for Greek dressing, and the waitress said she had no idea was Greek dressing was.

The gyro itself was good.  There wasn’t anything too special about it.  The French fries were the same story.  The theme of the diner, is okay but not great. I appreciated the amount of salad, though.  cosmic diner NYC

Cost: $$
For my gyro and coffee, the cost was $18.

Summary/Would I come back to the Cosmic Diner NYC)? 
It wasn’t a terrible stop, but I probably won’t be back.  There are plenty of unique and fun restaurants, close-by or cheaper restaurants with better quality food.  Was a bad meal?  No.  Was it a life-changing, fantastic meal?  No. The theme of the diner is okay, but not great.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: C
Service: C
Price: $12-20
Overall: B 

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Questions for you:
Do you like gyro?
New York City locals: what is your favorite diner?


  1. I stopped by the cosmic diner a few times when I lived in NYC! It was a little pricy, but everything in Manhattan is! My fave diner was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn- the Kelloggs Diner. They were reasonably priced and had EVERYTHING!

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