Training: Recovering and a 5k

My training last week went decently.  As I wrap up the last week of March, I have reflected a lot about my training in the last few months.  By now, I hoped I would have progressed to faster times that I’m currently running.

The short notes version is I’ve been stuck in a plateau for the last 6 months.  While yes, running an 18:32 5k last weekend is a great time.  In fact, two years ago I would be amazed by that time. It’s not where I had hoped or wanted to be at this point.  I’ve been consistently training, logging speed workouts, and logging injury free miles.  Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to break out of that plateau.

Training last week:

Monday: 45 mins easy
Tuesday: Workout: 2X15 mins/5X200s
Wednesday: 60 mins easy
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 65 mins easy
Saturday: Phillies 5k (18:32)
Sunday: 90 minutes easy
Total: 52 miles

2X15 minutes (6:41,  6:51)
5X200 (6:00)

This workout was supposed to be much faster (6:23 per/mile).  As I mentioned last training post, I didn’t recover from Shamrock well at all, and it took me almost 2 weeks to feel normal.  During the workout, I didn’t feel fresh, and it was both cold and windy.  I got the workout done and moved on.

Phillies 5k: (18:32)
As most people know from Instagram, I won the Phillies 5k again this year.  While it was a different course, my time was 5 seconds slower than last year.  Last year’s conditions were ideal. However, this year it was windier than anticipated (14 MPH along the water).  Either way, it wasn’t raining which means it was the best weather I’ve had for racing in months.

The race itself went moderately well.  I ran for the course for the conditions.  My splits were 6:00, 5:49 and 6:06 which is based on the wind as well as small hill at the beginning of mile 3.  I left the race bittersweet.  Was I happy with a win?  Of course.  Was I glad to still be in the 18:30-18:40 bubble that I’ve been in since October?  No.

I’m excited to run a few more 5ks in the next few weeks to get my speed back.  To be honest, I’ve missed running them!

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Questions for you:
Have you ever been stuck in a plateau? I’ve been stuck in a few.  A few years ago on my quest to get back to my PR (for about 3 years my 5k PR was 18:35), I was stuck running 19-19:10.
What was your best workout last week?


    1. I agree Mallory and they are definitely painful. I think you’ll be able to finish under 20 soon and good luck! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on winning the Phillies 5K again! That seems like such a fun race and I loved the pics of you breaking the tape last year. I hope you got good pics this year even if your time was slightly slower. Glad you had good conditions for it, and I’m confident you will break out of the plateau soon. Just keep plugging along.

    My best workout was the Bridge Run, because I mainly just ran easy the other days (and actually did not push the pace in the Bridge Run until the end).

  2. Congratulations on winning the Phillies 5k race! AWESOME 🙂 Best workout last week was a toss up between a stellar winter hike and an upper body lifting day.

  3. Congrats, Holly! Great job, even though I know you’re not happy with your time. I ran the HC15K across town.

    As for your plateau, it must be frustrating! Do you do any strength/gym work or yoga? Just asking because if not, working in a bit may give you the edge you’re seeking.

    1. I do actually do strength training. I’ve never been much of a yoga person. Do you go to a certain studio? Maybe I should tag along! :O

  4. You will get over that plateau, I know you will!! In the meantime, at least you stayed dry for the Philly race 😊! My workouts last week were a suffer fest but I ended with a really great swim so… Let’s hope this week is better for both of us!

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