Phillies 5k (18:32)

The Phillies 5k is one of my favorite races.  I won last year, and I wanted to do the same this year (spoiler: I did).  Something about the excitement of Philadelphia, the atmosphere and 6,000 runners is motivating to me. Plus for a 6,000 person 5k, there is plenty of parking and restrooms with the massive Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Last year when I ran the Phillies 5k, I was coming off both a half marathon and 5k PR.  This year, I went in not racing a 5k in two months and not feeling confident in my running at all.  In fact, I have a post about that soon.  Never the less, I was excited to get back into it and work towards Spring PRs.  Luckily, it was just 14 MPH winds, with no rain.  Lately, that’s been my best racing weather in a few months.

I warmed up with my coworker Anita, and we headed to the race start.  Due to traffic on the course, the start was delayed a few minutes.  I just created witty banter with random people around, and by the time I knew it, we were off.phillies 5k start

The first mile wrapped around the stadium and headed into the wind.  I immediately felt the headwind, and questioned if I would be able to run well.  There were a couple of women in front of me as well as a large pack of men. I hoped I would just “do me” and be able to reel some of them in.  I hit the first mile in 6:00 minutes exactly and caught the first woman.  I thought, “well if I can keep that pace and the course is exact then it will at least be in the 18:30-18:40 range”.  But let’s be honest, keeping your first-mile pace in a 5k is a rather lofty goal in a 5k…

The next mile went into the Navy Yard.  I have raced a couple of races including the finish of Broad Street in the Navy Yard.  I know it’s flat but also windy along the water.  It definitely was windy but it wasn’t a headwind but more of a sidewind. I took the lack of headwind as an opportunity to surge and break up the pack of dudes. After surging, I hit the second mile in 5:49 and looked dead ahead to see a small, steep incline.  Due to the course direction, I realized very quickly it would be a headwind and climb.

The next mile was pain train all the way home.  I was running side by side with another male who pulled me along.  We headed up the short, steep incline.  Combined with riding the pain train, I can’t say it was my favorite part of the race.  There was a small out and back, and I was able to see several racers I knew going the opposite directions.  I love out and back races because it’s always motivational to see other runners out on course.

Then all of a sudden we turned into the (quarter of a mile long) parking lot to the finishers shoot.  The Philly Fanatic was there to bring me in and surged to an 18:32 5k.  I was pleased the lady win.phillies 5k win


While this is a great 5k time and it’s hard to be disappointed with a win, this isn’t where I was hoping to be right now.  I do have a post later regarding where I’m at with running and where I would like to be. Over the past 6 months, with consistent training as well as speed work, I was hoping to be closer to 18 or honestly faster.phillies 5k me

A couple of years ago after starting to work towards a 5k, it took me several months to break through a plateau which is what I’m hoping is the case here.  In all, I had a great time with friends at the Phillies 5k.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been stuck in a plateau?

Are you a baseball fan?



  1. Congratulations on the win!! Plateaus are tough, but hopefully you will be able to break through soon now that you will be racing more 5ks again. I know you feel like you run your best when you are racing a lot, so hopefully that will help!

  2. Love the picture of you winning! Being stuck at plateaus is always frustrating, whether it’s weight or fitness or anything else. Hang in there!

  3. Congratulations on your win and the reigning champion of the Phillies 5K! Even if your time wasn’t what you’d hoped, you paced well and did a great job. I mean, you negative split the race which is pretty rare for a 5K. Also, it’s very hard to compare times from year to year, especially if the race course is different. The crowd is never the same, the weather is never exactly the same, and your body and workouts aren’t. That’s what I like about running and races, no matter the outcome, it is a moment in time that we’ve never had and will never be able to recreate. Sometimes it’s just good to enjoy and savor that run.

    I had a plateau this Fall, although I’m not sure how long times are stagnant before they are truly a plateau, you know? I was building my mileage and starting marathon training, so I think that’s one reason why my 5K/10K times suffered- I was doing them all as workouts when my PRs were when I had rested a bit more the week of the race.

    Truth be told, in the past 6 months I have run one race I am proud of, the Charleston Half Marathon.

  4. Love your race outfit and awesome photo with the Phanatic!! I loved reading your race play by play. Plateauing sucks. I feel like I was at a plateau and then surprisingly got my half PR and rocked a marathon before getting injured so yeah-I’ll be here feeling like crap running for a while now lol

    1. You’ll have to come home and run this sometime Lauren. I think you would like it. As you know, I can relate to coming back from injury.

  5. I know you are not entirely happy with your time but you should know that every time I read any of your race reviews, my jaw hits the keyboard in awe at how fast you run!!! YOU are awesome, well done on the win!

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