Training: Back to the Cold

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Last week was a solid week of training.  My easy runs felt good and I had two quality workouts. Since the Mercedes half marathon was more of a workout, I recovered quickly.  Not that I’m complaining…

Monday:  Easy 60 minutes at McAlpine Park in Charlotte
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes
Thursday: 12X2 minutes with 30 seconds rest
Friday: Easy 70 minutes
Saturday:  Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: 2X4 mile tempo (6:42 pace)

I didn’t race this week and I probably won’t next week.  Due to weather, February is typically a “drier” race month in New Jersey. I’m happy to get a couple of quality weeks of training under my belt as well.  My next major race is the Shamrock half marathon in about a month.  That will be a race to hopefully test my fitness.  Incase you are interested, I wrote about my 2017 Spring Goal Races here.

Speaking of New Jersey, I’m having a hard time adjusting back to the climate.   When I left, we hadn’t had a lot of cold days and now running in the 20s feels difficult.  It’s quite a shock from the drastic humidity of Alabama.  So if you see someone running around in a parka, it might be me.

Thursday: 12×2 minutes with 30 seconds rest (average 6:15 pace)

I appreciate my workouts are rarely the same.  This is one of the better workouts I’ve had lately.  I’m back to doing workouts on roads and I felt good

Sunday: 2X4 miles (6:42 average)
This workout intimidated me.  The goal pace was 6:44.  I did the workout on roads and it flew by.  I never felt amazing but I was able to make the pace.

This week will be similar.  I’ll just crank through workouts and get them under my belt.

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Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
Where is your favorite spot to workout?


  1. I’ve been doing most of my runs on my treadmill TRYING to get overheated since I’ll be racing in Cuba this weekend!! It’s going to be a total shock to my system when I get back and have to run outside. I’m really hoping this warmer temps stick around in March!

  2. I love your dedication through the cold weather (Michigan is a bit unpredictable itself!!) do you know your approximate weekly mileage?

  3. When I saw “Back to the Cold” I laughed because it was 70 in Philly yesterday. But I guess this is relative considering where you’ve been. But I guess you got a little taste of the South again this weekend.

  4. I love running in the cooler temps (20’s – 40’s), but it totally takes some time to adjust to that! Yesterday was mid 50’s here in NH and it was super nice (especially with the sunshine) but I was def sweating more haha!

  5. Looks like a great week of workouts! February has been a dry race month here too, which is odd because the weather is beautiful. We haven’t had any races for the last two weeks (not that it matters much to me since I’m injured). Best wishes with adjusting to the colder temperatures again.

    Also it’s really neat you got to run in McAlpine Park in Charlotte. Have always heard that’s a great place to run and I know a lot of meets are held there (Foot Locker).

  6. Nice job–and welcome back! The weather really was all over the place this week. On Tuesday, I was in fleece-lined tights and a baselayer, and on Saturday, I almost overheated in capris. So crazy.

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