Marietta Diner

Marietta Diner (Marietta, Georgia)

While visiting Atlanta, I wanted to check out a new diner.  It’s for the blog, right?

When asking for recommendations, the Marietta Diner kept popping up, so I decided to check it out.  After running the Polar Bear 5k, I arrived around 11 am.  Every parking space was filled, and I thought it might be a long wait because several parties were waiting outside. Luckily, they had a small booth for two, and we were immediately sat.

Marietta Diner Atmosphere: A
The Marietta Diner has the stereotypical shiny and metallic exterior.  It’s all chrome.  The inside is massive, and it’s one of the most prominent diners I’ve ever been too.  It is clean, and despite being busy, no one was sitting on top of each other.

Marietta Diner Service: A
The waitress at the Marietta Diner was kind.  She refilled our drinks, and our food was brought out quickly.  Even though it was so busy, we were in and out of the Marietta Diner within an hour.  The speed was impressive!

Marietta Diner Coffee: B
Marietta Diner Atlanta GeorgiaThe coffee was good, but there was nothing unique about it.  I could have used a larger cup.  Luckily there was plenty of whipped cream.

Marietta Diner Food: B
The Marietta Diner menu has every option you can imagine in a diner.  It would fit right in New Jersey.  Someone mentioned their Greek food was good, so I decided to order a Greek omelet.  I was surprised the Greek Omelet didn’t come with Gyro, so I added that too.

Marietta Diner Atlanta Georgia

The omelet at the Marietta Diner came with hash browns and a biscuit.  The biscuit was delicious.  There was nothing unique about the hashbrowns.  The Omelet itself was good except I found they didn’t add a lot of Gyro meat.  I thought they had forgotten it at first! The food was good, but I do wish there was more gyro meat in the omelet.

Marietta Diner Dessert: A
The dessert case looked like one of the best dessert cases of any diner. I’m not usually a person who orders dessert at lunch, but I could not pass up the Marietta Diner’s red velvet roll.  There was a lot of frosting, and the cake was moist.  The red velvet roll was great, and despite leaving stuffed, I was glad I ordered it.

Marietta Diner Atlanta Georgia

Marietta Diner Atlanta Georgia

Marietta Diner Cost: $$
For my coffee, omelet (with Gyro) and red velvet roll it was $29. They charged $5 for the limited amount of Gyro meat I received which was not worth it.

Overall/Would I come back to the Marietta Diner?
I liked the Marietta Diner, but their menu is overpriced.  When I go back to Atlanta, I might go somewhere else. To pay nearly $20 for an omelet is worth it to me personally.  I would stop in for cake.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Dessert: A
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of Omelet?
What’s your favorite post-race treat?


  1. If you’re back in the area, the Majestic Diner is pretty much the quintessential diner in Atlanta. I haven’t been so I can’t speak for it, but maybe you’d have a better experience there.

  2. That red velvet roll looks delicious and sounds like it was the showstopper of the meal, but they ripped you off on that Greek omelet, especially for $5 for extra meat and hardly giving you any.

  3. Question- do you think you could start putting links in your posts for the diners you visit? If I want to learn more, I have to google them.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Holly! I’m not sure if you have been to the Diners page on the blog, but I think I’ve listed all of them there. If you suggest a different method, let me know. I’ve been trying to make it easier!

      1. What I meant, though, was in the post, if you could put a link to the diner’s website. I often want to look at their menu, location, etc.

  4. I’ve started either drinking my coffee black OR putting whipped cream in it…. and at first I couldn’t think of where I got the idea from (but knew it was a blogger I’ve followed for a long time), upon seeing this post I was like “YEP, Hollie!”. 🙂

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