Training: Heat and Moving

Monday: 55 minutes easy
Tuesday: 60 minutes easy
Wednesday: Workout: 4X1 mile and 4X400s
Thursday: Easy 55 minutes
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Easy 45 minutes
Sunday: Mercedes Half Marathon (1:27.01)

Most of my week was spent preparing to move back to New Jersey.  Even though it was only 5 weeks, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up the final week.  Plus packing is hard no matter how long you’ve lived somewhere.

Workout Wednesday:

4X1 mile (6:38, 6:42, 6:27, 6:27)

4X400 (1:30)

I can’t say this workout went extremely well, but I got it done.  My body was still sore from the Double Bridges 15k.  All four of my 400s were run at exactly 1:30 and that was unplanned.  Consistency is key…I guess.

My goal when I first found out we were moving was training and PRing at the Mercedes half marathon.  The focus changed once I was settled to training and racing hard at the Double Bridges 15k.  I’m glad I did that as the weather was better that day, plus my legs felt better than they did at Mercedes.  The weather at the Mercedes half marathon was extremely hot.  At the

At the start, it was 65 degrees and 93% humidity.  By the end, it was well above 70.  It was *supposed* to pour rain which would clear that up…sadly it did not.  Out of every half marathon I’ve done, including RnR Virginia Beach, it was the worst for heat.

The race itself, wasn’t about me, though.  Even before the race start, I knew it would be a rough and challenging race.  My gut didn’t lie.  I finished in 1:27.01, which in the heat I’m happy with.

But my focus of the race that day wasn’t my own race.  It was to support, cheer and watch my husband, as he ran his first full marathon of 2:59.45.

Upwards and onwards.  We are currently in route back to New Jersey.  I don’t have any major races until Shamrock on March 18th.

Questions for you: 

What is the hottest weather you’ve ever run?

What is the hardest thing to pack?

I would say hangers, they are awkward and don’t fit anywhere.


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  1. Austin is the oddest place to live. One week it will be a high in the 40s and wet and then, like this weekend, it will be 86 in February. I’m not proud of it. But 🙂 my training walk for the Oakland running festival marathon didn’t get done in the 86° weather

  2. That is a STUNNING marathon debut by your husband in those conditions!! WOW! And not too shabby yourself in the half. Safe travels back to New Jersey and be prepared for a drastic change in weather!!

  3. Cast iron! Too heavy to put into a box w my other pots and pans, so I always just end up with it on the floor of my car on its own (though luckily all of my moves have been local). Hangers! I tie them together in groups of 10-15 so they stay the same direction/ don’t get tangled, then put them in those big reusable shopping bags.

  4. Congrats to Tim for a fantastic marathon! You both did fantastic considering the heat/humidity. Its hard to imagine anything being worse than RnR VA Beach though…

  5. Tim is crazy fast! I can’t wait to hear more about your race in the race report. I agree, hangers are definitely the hardest thing to pack. I end up just putting them in garbage bags and then hating myself because they all jumble together and take forever to untangle.

  6. Although it wasn’t a race, I did some training runs while on vacation in West Palm Beach (FL)…most days were 95 or higher and since I went during rain season, it was super humid!

  7. Woohoo all around! What a way to leave with a bang. Safe travels back to the East Coast–we’ve missed you!

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