Love Yourself

how to Love yourself

Valentines Day is a time to celebrate love. 

Whether it’s love for….

…a significant other

…your family and friends

…a pet

But most importantly: Love for yourself

Thinking out loud, as someone in their mid-twenties, I can tell you I didn’t always love myself.  In college, in suffered from anxiety and over committing to everything.  I compared myself to everyone and everything. I didn’t appreciate things about myself that looking back I wish I would have!  This doesn’t just include sports but life as well.   I never took the time to step back and reflect with what I loved about myself.

Valentines Day is a beautiful celebration of love.  You cannot possibly love others if you don't love yourself.  

Here are a few ways to embrace and love yourself:

Show gratitude for who you are now. As humans, we are always growing and learning more about ourselves.  We are striving to do better and to be better.  Take time to reflect on where you are now and how far you have come.  Never discount the small achievements.

Do something everyday that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming but do something each day that you know will make you happy.  Is that reading a few blogs?  Is that painting?  Is it running?  Make sure to make a little bit of time for just you each day.

Give yourself an honest chance. If you believe you will fail, you will.  Believe in yourself.  It’s that simple.  This is one of the biggest lessons I learned and am still learning.  To have success, you must believe you will.

Distance yourself from things that make you unhappy. One thing I’ve learned in the last few years is life is too short to do things that make you unhappy.  That could be things, people or activities but if you are constantly around things making you miserable, you cannot love and appreciate yourself.

Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?  Confidence is key.

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a Hallmark holiday or celebration of giving or receiving gifts.  It’s a celebration of love whether it is loving yourself, your family and friends or significant other.

We all have someone to love, and it starts with ourselves.

Question for you: How do you love yourself? 


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  1. YES! This is what it is truly all about. YOU should be the most important person in your life and, it truly helps to take some time and reflect about all the things you love about yourself. Today I’m thanking my body for everything it does since I demand A LOT 🙂 LOL! Happy Valentine’s Day Hollie!

  2. I think the belief of self is super important these days. I actually posted something similar on my IG yesterday about self love.
    I hope you have a great day Hollie! Happy Valentines Day

  3. Great post Holly! Very true what you say about loving yourself first!
    For me is listening to my body and doing what is right for it.

  4. I’m trying to really exercise self love in my life – especially after so long without it. Sometimes it is still very hard, but slowly I’m learning to believe all those things I know are true about myself. My favorite way to show myself love is to go to a coffee shop, get a beautiful hot americano or latte and just sit quietly at a window. The best thing I can do to shift my mindset is to just let my thoughts float around and sink away as they wish. Happy V day to you!

  5. Love this post! Wrote something on the similar lines this morning. The more I see myself as a beautiful person, it has only helped me see the beauty in others and appreciate!

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