Oregon Diner (Philadelphia)

Oregon Diner Philadelphia

Oregon Diner (Philadelphia)

Before leaving for Alabama, I found myself at the Oregon Diner in Philadelphia (How many states can reference in one line?).  I initially found it because there are huge signs for the Oregon Diner near the Walt Whitman Bridge.  Sometimes finding diners based on their signage can be a gamble, but overall I enjoyed my trip to the Oregon Diner in South Philly. It’s not too far from Philadelphia Airport, so if you are looking for a quick meal post-travel, it’s a good one.

When we arrived, it was late.  Dinner around 8 pm is super late for me.  I wasn’t starving, but I knew if I didn’t eat, I would wake around 2 am starving.

Oregon Diner Atmosphere: A

The Oregon Diner is enormous.  The outside has plenty of parking and could probably hold at least 200 people.

The inside has three rooms with plenty of booths and tables as well as a full bar.  Each room has its personality.  We sat in a corner booth.

Oregon Diner Service: A
Our waitress at the Oregon Diner was hilarious and friendly.  It was clear she was a local favorite and had been working there for years. She was definitely in the top tier of waiters we’ve had.

Oregon Diner Coffee: A
The Oregon Diner brewed hot and fresh local Lacas coffee.  The waitress also added more whipped cream than coffee.  It was the best combination. The coffee was one of the better brews I’ve had in a while.

Oregon Diner Philadelphia

Oregon Diner Food: A

The Oregon Diner menu is one of the biggest of any diner I’ve been too.  There are over 200 menu items and 20 pages. They are known for their breakfast options like french toast, but I’ve never heard someone say they’ve had a bad meal. Since I wasn’t too hungry, I ordered the pickled beets salad with salmon.

Oregon Diner Philadelphia

The salad itself was an average size, but the piece of salmon was huge.  I have not had a salad with salmon that is bigger than the salad itself.  It was one of the better salads I’ve had, and I was full afterward.  I have no complaints.

Oregon Diner Cost: $
For the coffee and salad, the cost was $17.  For the amount of food, especially the amount of salmon, it was a great deal. 

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back to the Oregon Diner (Philadelphia)?

I enjoyed the Oregon Diner and had a great experience.  Plus it’s closeby so I will be back.  There are a bunch of menu items I want to try.  If you are ever in the local area, I would recommend it (and invite me too).

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $10-20

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Overall: A
Questions for you:
Do you like beets?


  1. I enjoy your diner reviews…they make a real nice sub-theme to your site. And, yes I do like beets although I have a harder time with beet juice although I do try to choke it down on occasion because it makes us run and recover faster or something 🙂

  2. I’ve lived in Philly for years, also love diners, and have never been to the Oregon. *hangs head in shame* Must try it.. And I love beets.

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