Runners You Might Encounter this Winter

Runners You Might Encounter this Winter

Last summer I wrote a post about “summer runners” and many people identified with one or more of the runners.  Thinking out loud, now that the season has somewhat changed, it’s time for another edition with:

Runners You Might Encounter this Winter:

Weather Checking William

This person is never without their technology and they are tracking the weather 100% of the time.  Even during a run, they’ll know the exact precipitation.  You can always depend on them to know when the best time of day, sunrise, sunset, wind direction, humidity level and every other weather condition you might need.

Shirtless Sam (Winter Edition):

You’ll see this runner always wearing the least amount of clothing as possible. It could be -10 degrees and a blizzard, they are still trecking along in short shorts, a tank top or possibly shirtless.  What’s even more interesting is usually this person has minimal body fat…how they continue to keep warm is a mystery to us all.

The Running Sauna

I will admit this is me all the time.  I would rather be overdressed all of the time than be cold.  The running sauna is typically wearing 5 more layers than necessary.  Even though it’s a “warm” 20 degrees, they might be wearing 5-10 layers.  In fact, their running stride more resembles a waddle due to the layers.

Complaining Courtney

You ask this person to run during every single season and every single season they complain.
It’s too hot..
It’s too cold.
Oh no, rain. 
Oh no, I can’t run…it’s absolutely perfect conditions… 

If there is a will to complain they will find it.

Treadmilling Timothy (Winter Edition)

Living a life opposite of the summer treadmill runner, the winter treadmill runner doesn’t do cold. During the winter, they disappear and retire to the treadmill.  They are most comfortable there and you know you won’t do any group runs with them until April.  If you are looking for a new TV show to watch, they can probably give you a good recommendation.

Questions for you:
What type of winter runner are you?


  1. I am the “running sauna” for sure. I am literally cold all the time so, I tend to overdress…often.

    Great blog post!

  2. HA! I’m complaining Courtney. Although I generally won’t complain about it being too cold. I LOVE running in the cold!

  3. Haha, this is great. I’m a mix of Treadmill Tim and The Running Sauna . . don’t really like to run in the cold but if a friend convinces me to do a group run, I overdress!

  4. I’m the running sauna! Even if I know I’ll be cold in a mile, I have to wrap myself up really warm otherwise I just know I won’t get out the door!

  5. We don’t have much of a winter here so I guess I don’t fit any of the stereotypes. My friend is definitely shirtless Sam. And yeah, he has little body fat and we have no clue how he keeps warm. He’s 60 and race directors have told him before to put on a shirt. I think if you run a 19 minute 5K at 60 you should be exempt from rules like that ;).

  6. I’m probably somewhere between Shirtless Sam and Treadmill Timothy. I get so hot so quickly when I run that I usually just try to get moving right away, no matter the temps my gloves and ear warmers are gone a mile or two in. BUT, you’ll also see me just running on the treadmill if it’s icy out. I’m not wearing enough padding to break my fall. 😉

    But there are definitely some folks I run with who are dressed for 20 degrees like I would dress for -20 degrees. Just makes me wonder what they wear when it’s COLD COLD.

  7. I won’t go so far as to say I’m shirtless sam, but I’m more like a Tank Top Tina. I run really hot (I actually JUST posted about this on my blog too!) so I’m usually in shorts/tank top or both until it hits 30s and sometimes even then if I’m racing or doing a speed workout! I run SO much better when I’m a little cold versus when I’m a little hot.

  8. I wish i was shirtless Sam but I am usually the running sauna or on bad days complaining Courtney… I try not to complain unless its crazy weather (hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms or like -10 below) if i had a treadmill i’d probably end up being a treadmilling Timothy running sauna hybrid – hoping to master layering this year

    1. I hope I master layering as well Josephine. I always think the weather could be worse…but if it’s that bad I just treadmill anyways.

  9. I am the running sauna – just like you I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. For all my training I am always overdressed. I am the complete opposite for racing though!

  10. These are my favorite posts of yours. You crack me up. I am most like Treadmilling Timothy right now. Except I DID brave a run outside this morning at 6:30. I was freezing. If I could find a way to keep my face warm AND not have the scarf, etc, get wet with they condensation from my breath I’d be very happy.
    Hilarious about shirtless sam. There is an 80ish year old man in my neighborhood who is very slim and in fabulous shape. He runs without a shirt and shorts all year long. He rocks.

  11. I’m probably a combo of no 1 & no 2! I am that person who knows what time the sun rises and sets, wind direction etc and I’m def one for the least layers possible, just can’t hack being overheated. But I’ll happily run in whatever weather and I avoid the treadmill like the plague! 😀

  12. Hmmm… I think I am mostly a Treadmill Timothy during the work week, but on weekends I bundle up and head out since I’ve got some daylight then. My mom is totally a Complaining Courtney! LOL

  13. Shirtless Sam- I am always hot, even when it’s snowing and freezing cold. I despise being hot, so cold running is my idea of perfect 🙂

  14. For some reason ALL OF MY BODY HEAT goes to my hands when I run, and wearing gloves makes me feel way to hot all the time. So I’ll start with them on, and have to take them off in the first mile. So I guess I’m the person you see trying to figure out where to put her gloves while running….

  15. I am weather checking William so I can be Shirtless Samantha otherwise I end up being the Sunning Sauna and it’s a problem.

  16. Funny blog on winter running.
    I am more of running suana.
    I wear 3 layers of shirts.
    2 layers of rights
    Gloves and beanie hat.
    After 3 miles I’m hot as hell.but I’d rather be warm than freezing.

  17. Haha I’m either a Complaining Courtney or I’m a runner who’s not on your list – the runner who gets way too overly enthusiastic about running in the snow because I live in the South and it never snows, but when it does I’m like, “OMG OMG OMG LET’S GO RUN IN THE SNOWWWWW” and everyone else is like, “shut up and hide in yer blankets, will ya?” 😀

    1. HA!v Overenthusiastic Oliver!! That is another good one…we barely get snow in NJ so I completely get it.

  18. Hmmmm….since I did a shirtless mile on New Year’s Eve I get that one. I also check the weather constantly the night before running and first thing when I get up. And I will log my share of treadmill miles if I can’t get a quality run outside due to slippery conditions in the dark since I typically run predawn.

  19. Lol! Treadmill Tim and Running Sauna for me for sure. I spend a lot more time on the treadmill in the winter because it gets crazy cold here. Like right now it’s -14F, which is basically where it hurts to breathe and your eyelids stick together when you blink.

  20. I love this! i would say I’m a weather checking william. while i always try to wait for the warmest/least windy/sunniest part of the day to run during the winter here in Boston, I never run on a treadmill (except if there is black ice everywhere). I also love to wear shorts when I can, but not when it’s below 35ish degrees. I always get a huge kick out of people wearing full on snow gear while running when it’s about 50 degrees.

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