November Training

November was a good month in the sense that I made it through the month both healthy and injury free. I just cranked through runs and workouts and hoped for the best.

Mileage: 250 miles
Shortest Run: 2 miles
Longest Run: Philadelphia Half Marathon
Days off: 3
Run the Bridge 10k (38:58)
Haddonfield Road Race 2X5k (20:48, 19:20)
Philadelphia Half Marathon (1:27.44)
Medford Turkey Trot (18:30)

Run the Bridge 10k me running

Random Thoughts of the Month: 

Last month, I ran fewer miles but more frequently. Instead of running 90 minutes most days, I ran 60-80 more frequently. I also ran a lot more workouts and didn’t race twice in a weekend.  It’s been a change for my running but I’m enjoying it, plus less time running means more time interneting…(kidding).

My body is taking the time to absorb the workouts and mileage.  Any change in workouts generally happens that way. Last November and December, I distinctly remember being in a running rut and plateau.  It wasn’t until January 1st (when I PRed wearing a prom dress) that I broke out of that.

Philadelphia half marathon was definitely a letdown.  I thought I might be in PRing shape, but that didn’t happen for a number of reasons.  The short story is that it wasn’t my day.


A few days later I ran my third fastest 5k at the Medford Lakes Turkey Trot.  I know my fitness is there, but I haven’t tapered or prepared for a PR.  I’m running the Dallas Half Marathon in 10 days, so I’m hoping to end 2016 with one last solid race effort under my belt.

What’s next? Through December, I’ll continue trucking along.  I’m going to run hard at Dallas and see where I’m at.  In October, I ran the Runners World Half in  1:24.17 so I would like to hope I’m faster than that now.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
Do you have any December plans?

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  1. You CRUSHED November. It was my last month of “offseason” so I was running much slower and not competing in anything, but I am hopping back into regular training for December.

  2. I am on vacation from work next week and I’m pretty excited. I usually go away when I have a break from work but I’m thinking I might have a staycation -read, knit, shop ( a lot). Great month for you. What about the Dallas Half drew you in? Were you planning to go to Texas anyway? Just curious.

  3. You’re a smart and mature runner, so you know the reason the Philly Half PR didn’t happen was not due to a fitness–and your 5K just days days proves that. I’m really excited to see how you do at Dallas!

    I met with my tri coach yesterday, and we talked about 2017. I need to get through my swim meet next weekend first (!!!), and then we’ll start “semi-structured” training with official swim-bike-run fun beginning on Jan. 1. 🙂

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