Training: A Need for Speed?

First, Happy Halloween! 

Second, to training! Last week was a solid week for me.  I recovered well from the base half marathon and wasn’t too sore.

My training is currently going through a lot of changes.  This is the first week (after my ankle fracture) that I’m finally able to add workouts that aren’t races.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: 12X2 minutes Hard
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Easy Run
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Bone Run (3.05 miles)18:08
Sunday: Rest
Total: 60 miles


Easy runs are always just as easy.  Nothing much to say about them…

12X2 mins Hard:

The goal of this workout was to get faster leg turnover.  Since it was earlier in the week, I didn’t feel 100% fresh doing it, but it did feel good to integrate speed into my running.  I ran on the roads around my house (versus a track).

Bone Run (3.05) 18:08

Bone run me running

I raced the Bone Run last year, so I knew it was short.  Despite being USATF certified, the course doesn’t match up 100% with the certification.  I could pretend that I ran an 18:08 5k, but there is no point in lying to myself (and of course readers).  Hopefully, I’ll be there soon.  I’m more annoyed they said the problem would be fixed and it was not.

The course itself is in a nature park on a trail.  It’s more cross country than road, and despite it being short, I was happy with my effort.  I ran a 5:53, 5:58 and 6:09 mile.  A good portion was single lane track which makes it difficult to get speed or pass. I’m anxious to run a flat, fast, road 5k to see where my speed is, but there aren’t many soon.

Other than that I’m happy with how the week went. I’m nervous but excited to start adding more speed workouts and hopefully begin working towards PRs again. I feel as if I’m recovered from my ankle and now getting back into shape and towards PRs.  Typing that out makes me nervous too.

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Questions for you:

Do you like trail/cross country style races?

What is your favorite workout? 

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  1. I definitely thought of you when I ran a 22:39 5K yesterday and the course was short. I am still proud of the time since I just wanted to break 25 to PR but the fact that it was .1 short or so on what they advertised as a new this year USATF certified course made me a tad bit angry. Now I have to race another 5K for that PR. (insert crying face, 5K’s bring so.much.pain)

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