River Star Diner (Hacketstown)

River Star Diner (Hacketstown)

Recently I went to the River Star Diner in Hackettstown, NJ.  Before going Hacketstown was an area of New Jersey I hadn’t been too. I’d heard from a friend; it’s a pretty small town. When driving through, I didn’t realize how hilly and beautiful the area was.  There are several different parks, and plenty of runners and cyclists out.

Trying new diners and hiking has allowed me to see so many different areas of the state.

River Star Diner Atmosphere: A
The River Star Diner is located along a small creek.  If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you can see birds and small animals frolicking in the water. The inside is typical of an average small-town diner, but it’s great you can look outside.

river star diner
Image from LehighValley Live

When we arrived, the parking lot was full. However, there was plenty of seating at the River Star Diner available.  I think they could use a bigger parking lot. Even when every parking spot in a diner is filled, there always seems to be room.

River Star Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the River Star Diner was good, but it was nothing unusual or unique.  I don’t have any complaints or anything unique or exciting about it. River Star Diner

River Star Diner Service: A

Despite the River Star Diner being relatively crowded, our waitress was great.  Our food was brought out quickly, and we had plenty of refills and food.

River Star Diner Food: B
River Star DinerThe River Star Diner menu is about ten pages, and nothing is left out.

At the River Star Diner, I ordered the scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, and a side bagel.  It’s a pretty standard; home-cooked diner meal. River Star Diner

The eggs were cooked well.  The bacon was crispy, and I liked the french toast.  I can’t remember the last time I ordered French toast before, but River Star used thick bread.  Thin bread might be healthier, but thick bread tastes better.

I’ve mentioned before that I think North Jersey bagels are better than South Jersey.  I try to get one whenever I’m up there.  The bagel was delicious, and I left feeling both full and satisfied.

Cost: $
For my meal and coffee, the cost was $12.  It was one of my cheaper diner meals.

Summary/Would I Come Back to the River Star Diner (Hacketstown)?
I enjoyed the River Star Diner (Hacketstown), and the view was unique and fun. If you can, request to sit by the River Star Diner window!  I don’t have any complaints and it’s one of the better diners I’ve been too.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Service: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Which restaurant you’ve been too has the best view?
Where are your favorite bagels from?

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  1. If a restaurant has a great view i almost dont care about the food as much as long as it is edible😊 The best view at a restaurant was at a place up in vermont. AND the food was incredible. My dad and i went after i ran the covered bridges 1/2 marathon a few years ago. The restaurant is connected to a glass shop and you can watch before/after dinner. http://www.simonpearce.com/our-restaurant/

  2. LOVE your restaurant reviews! When I travel I love to get the low down on all the good food places and the places to stay away from! I actually just went to the BEST restaurant ever with the MOST spectacular view for a celebration dinner. I am making a post soon about it. It over looked the entire Bay area. It was like nothing I have ever experienced! Favorite bagels: Bruegger’s!

    1. I always enjoy hearing about people’s restaurant experiences too. Thank you for stopping by Mack!

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