September Training:

September Training

My oh my, where to begin this monthly recap?  Thinking out loud, This month was a huge change for me.  After roughly three months of injury recovery, I’ve made it over my injury.  I’m not injured anymore, but I’m not “in shape” either.  I’m slowly working my way towards breaking PRs again. To be honest, I haven’t felt the greatest lately either.  My stomach has been off for a few weeks, and my legs haven’t felt “in shape”. I’m injury free so I can’t complain about that.

Total mileage:
Paces: 5:53-11:40-untimed
Shortest run: 2 mile cool down
Longest run: 17.75-mile run
Total workouts: 1
RnR Virginia Beach (1:29.46)
Flying Fish 5k (19:35)
RnR Philadelphia (1:27.37)
Rotary 5k (19:41)
Maple Shade Soccer 5kish (3.3 miles) 19:36

Favorite Race:
Honestly, I actually enjoyed each race, and none were any better or worse for me.

RnR Virginia Beach showed me I was in better shape than I thought…Roll Virginia Beach results

Flying Fish 5k showed me I could power through extreme heat…Flying Fish 5k
RnR Philadelphia showed me I could power through extreme heat and that my endurance was higher than anticipated.Rock n Roll Philadelphia


Finally, my last two 5ks showed I am in better shape than this time last year as I ran both in 30-90 seconds faster.

So to say it was my best month post injury is an underestimate.  I’m happy with how my training went last month and I could not have asked for a better month.


But now I’m at cross roads of where I want to go.  I’ve debated training for a marathon later in the winter.  Do I want to give up racing for longer distances?  I’m not sure.  While I’ve only run two marathons, I haven’t had one I’m satisfied with.  October’s training will definitely determine whether I’ll go for the 26.2 or stay at shorter distances.