Workouts: 2 5ks and RIP Cell Phone

Training last week was spent recovering and moving forward.  After running a surprising Rock n Roll Philadelphia, I spent the week running easy and recovering.

running me

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run ART/Pt
Wednesday: Easy Run with a friend
Thursday: OFF ART/PT
Friday: Easy run
Saturday: Rotary 5k (19:40)
 Sunday: Lee Sharples 5k (3.3 miles) 19:36 average 6 min pace Core
Total: 60 miles


Monday was a miserable run.  When I started the run around 6:30, it was beautiful.  About halfway into the run, it started downpouring.  Then it started to lightening and thunder.  The three miles home was the scariest miles I’ve run in a while, and unfortunately my phone was not a survivor, and I had water damage.  Luckily I had insurance, and they delivered a new one, but it was frustrating.

The rest of the runs for the week were easy.  I ran with a friend on Wednesday but other than that, nothing of interested.

Saturday: Rotary 5k (19:40)

I ran the Rotary 5k last year after going to the Air Force Ball the night before.  Sometimes I go back and read the recap for the LOLZ…In summary, last year, I was sleep deprived and not at my best.  The weather was beautiful, and I was content with my 20:12.

My only goal this year was to beat that time.  Despite it being extremely windy, I ran a 19:40 and was the first woman overall.  I can’t complain.  I like the race, and it supports a great cause.

Sunday: Lee Sharples 5k 3.3 miles 19:36

Tis the season of double 5k workouts!  Typically, I don’t care about the course being long, but this course is well known to be a longer course.  I ran each mile split in 5:53, 6:03, 6:03 and honestly I’m still in shock. I ran over a minute faster than last year and can’t believe it.

It’s interesting because I didn’t feel the greatest before the race, considering I had raced well the day before. I crossed the “exact” 5k mark at 18:35 but unfortunately the longer course had the extra mileage.  No harm was done and I knew going into the race that it would be long.

In summary, I’m proud of all of my runs and races.  I’m going to continue doing races with no workouts for a couple more weeks and see how I feel after that. Tis the season for 5ks every everywhere, and I enjoy seeing friends out there running.

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Questions for you:
Would you rather race a long course or short?
Have you ever gotten water damage on your phone? 

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  1. Nice week lady! I’ve never had water damage to my phone but I did get Diet Coke damage to my first iPhone, ha. Also, I’ll take a short course over a long course anyway. 🙂 Glad you made it home from that scary lightning storm okay!

  2. No water damage here, thankfully, but I did completely shatter the front screen of my old phone. I kept using it, but then I dropped it again and completely shattered the back 😆 Happy Monday, Hollie! Hope you have an awesome week.

  3. I’ve never damaged my phone due to water, but I’ve lost two cameras to that element. I stand in the ocean shooting the Polar Bear Plunge every January 1 in Asbury Park and my DSLR took on too much sea water this year. Never really recovered. I also just recently dropped my little point-and-shoot into a full cup of water. It was a 1 in a million accident. But I was able to achieve it. BTW, did you try the old “take the battery out and put it in a bin of white rice” trick? That actually does work as the rice will soak out the moisture.

  4. Woohoo! One of my runs last week (or the week before) saw a torrential downpour. It was crazy, and I was actually worrying if my phone would be OK. Glad you made it back home safely–and eventually got a functioning phone.

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