Maple Shade Soccer Club 5kish (20:51)

After running the Rotary 5k on Saturday I decided to pull a double and run the Maple Shade soccer club 5k on Sunday.  The race was only 15 minutes from my house so I thought…why not?

I woke up Sunday morning and felt decent.  I felt better than the day before but “dancing and heel DOMS” had set in (Is that a thing…I don’t know).  I feel silly saying my calves were sore from wearing stilettos but it is what it is.

I arrived to the race around 8am.  It started at 9 and I did a 3 mile warm up. At the start I looked a little better then the Rotary Run.  I at least had my hair pulled back and I had removed all of the makeup from 2 nights prior.  After I warmed up I finally found the restrooms and headed to the start.  The race director (who was also a personal friend) said a few words and we were off.

The course was remarkably simple…it was 3 laps around the high school and then around the track. Even I couldn’t get lost with that!

Once we were off I positioned myself as first women. I saw three men ahead that were running in a tight pack. Included in the pack was Marc who ultimately won. There was no one between the leaders and I.  I basically ran the entire race by myself.  During the first mile I realized I felt okay but not great. I was surprised when my watch beeped and I ran the first mile/lap in 6:07.

During the second mile one person passed me and that put me into fifth overall. It was the three leaders ahead, one male and then myself.  I ran the race entirely by myself staying in fifth place. The race was completely uneventful and reminded me of mile repeats around the track. You run a lap around the high school and then do it twice more…

I ran the second mile in 6:27 and the third mile in 6:33. There wasn’t anything eventful about either mile, it felt more like a workout I was trying to power through!

When we I hit the third mile I realized there was no way the 5k would be an actual 5k. We were at least .1 from the track and the course also went around the track. I was disapointed because I know on a normal length course I would have been below 20 minutes.

My Garmin told me I ran a 5k in 19:50 and clearly it knows everything. I powered through and finished the race in 20:51. I don’t know how much longer the race course actually was…my GPS says 3.3 which would make sense with 3X1 mile laps and going around the track. Oh well it’s not like a life or death situation.


I haven’t really felt great in a race for a few weeks. That comes from racing after being out late or eating poorly the night before or in this case racing the day before. I can’t wait to see what I do on legs that aren’t tired.

The race itself was fun and I don’t regret it. If it was my goal race I might be have been more irritated about the bonus distance…but it wasn’t. I would prefer a course longer anyways.  So sorry no race photos all weekend but sometimes that is how it goes.

Questions for you:
What is the most humorous race course you’ve run?
Have you ever had heel DOMS?  Is that even a thing?