Time to Eat Diner (Bridgewater)

Time to Eat Diner (Bridgewater)

A few weeks ago, Caitlin and I met at the Time to Eat Diner.  The Time to Eat Diner has been on my to-do list for a while.  I’ve heard it’s good plus who can argue with that name?  Out of all of the names, “Time to Eat” is in the top.

When in doubt, I will close my eyes. But don't worry, Chelsea looks great
When in doubt, I will close my eyes. But don’t worry, Caitlin looks great

Time to Eat Diner Atmosphere: A
The Time to Eat Diner is located in Bridgewater, NJ, after a semi-confusing roundabout.  It’s modern, clean and has been plenty of parking.  The exterior of the Time to Eat Diner is cobblestone and draws you in.

The inside is spacious with plenty of seating. You walk in next to a large bakery case. It’s clean as well which surprisingly has been an issue lately.  We were lucky to sit in a booth towards the front.

Time to Eat Diner Coffee: A 
The coffee at the Time to Eat Diner was great and had plenty of whipped cream.  The only thing missing was more coffee.

Time to Eat Diner

Time to Eat Diner Service: B
The waitress at the Time to Eat Diner was friendly, and the food was brought out quickly.  It might have been the fastest I’ve ever received food.

Time to Eat Diner Food: B
The Time to Eat Diner menu has everything you imagine in a diner. At the Time to Eat Diner, there is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It was sweltering that day, and I was craving something cold.  I had only run half an hour, but I sweat so much, and I didn’t want any hot food.  I ordered a Mediterranean salad.

Originally I wanted salmon, but they informed me they couldn’t do that, and so I stuck with the chicken.  When the salad came out, I was confused about whether it was chicken or salmon.  Both Caitlin and I stared at the chicken trying to figure it out: was it chicken?  Was it fish?

It was the fishiest looking chicken I’ve ever seen.  That being said the salad was filling, and there was plenty of chicken. When I ate it, it tasted normal, and I have no complaints.  I wish there were more mixed greens, but the salad was good.

Time to Eat Diner

Time to Eat Diner Cost: $$
For my salad and coffee, the cost was $15. It was more expensive for the amount of food, but it was a good meal.

Summary/Would I come back?

I liked the Time to Eat Diner.  The meal was good, and there were plenty of options.  It wasn’t the best diner, but it wasn’t the worst either.  It as odd they couldn’t add salmon, but that’s how it goes.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-20

Overall: A

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Question for you: What’s the restaurant with the coolest name you’ve been too?


  1. I know that one well, having lived in Somerville at one point. That said, not sure if I ever actually ate there. My friend used to call it the “Time To Fight” diner because, well, he seemed to always end up in a scuffle there (late nights, too much drinking, typical formula). They have a fun sign, too. (Several good little eateries in downtown Somerville, too, FWIW.)

    Oh, coolest name is now tied: One is called Stuff Yer Face in NJ. Another was one I hit this week in Banner Elk, North Carolina: The Pedalin’ Pig – a BBQ joint started by ex-mountain bikers. They called their bikes “pigs” rather than “hogs” commonly associated with Harley riders.

    1. I love Stuff Yer Face.. I went to Rutgers New Brunswick for undergrad and ate my fair share of bolis!

  2. Yay meeting up with Caitlin! That chicken looks real sketchy lol!

  3. Ooh that is a really cool name! That tower of whipped cream does look pretty good! I’m glad you had a pretty good experience; I usually find that most diners are about a B experience. 🙂 They’re good for a simple, filling meal! WE used to have this coffee shop called ‘Grumpy’s’ in our town. Isn’t that kind of weird?

  4. That’s hilarious- it really is hard to tell if it is salmon or chicken from the picture alone! Thanks for sharing your review. That coffee looked delllisshhh. Maybe it was the whip cream?! Hehe

  5. For such fishy looking chicken you are generous to give the food a B! It sounds like you have plenty of options so if it doesn’t WOW you then no reason to return!

  6. I am laughing about the is it fish? is it chicken? comment! That’s actually probably not too far from us, and my husband is a huge diner lover. We might have to check it out!

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