Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Exterior of the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Recently I went to the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge, NJ). I was in the Old Bridge area and wanted to miss the traffic, so I begged, Jess, to meet up with me.  After a confusing few turns, I made it into the parking lot.  After typing  “Bridgeway Diner”  a few times, I’ve realized,  it’s  “Bridge-Way Diner).

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Atmosphere: B
The atmosphere of the Bridge-Way Diner is typical of many NJ diners. The outside is a typical building with a giant metallic sign. Something comical to me is there is no “Bridge-Way” sign on the front of the building. I feel like most restaurants have that.

Anyway, the inside has a full bar and plenty of booths and tables. What I do appreciate is you walk next to the dessert case, and there is a full salad bar.  Not many diners have either!

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Coffee: A
At the Bridge-Way Diner, the coffee was brewed hot and fresh, and the waitress refilled it often. She also included an overflowing amount of whipped cream, which in my book is A++.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Coffee and Menu at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Food: A
It took both us a long time to order because we had no idea what we wanted. There were so many menu options.  I knew I wanted the salad bar so I decided to order off the specials menu.

I haven’t ordered a lot of chicken specials at diners, so I opted for the greek chicken that came with 3 chicken breasts topped with olives, feta, and spinach.  It also came with the salad bar, soup, potatoes, a side, and dessert. Oh. My. Word. The Bridge-Way Diner might have more food then any other diner I’ve been to.

For my soup, I chose the seafood bisque. It was good and had a slight kick to it. It was one of the better seafood bisques I’ve had, and there was plenty of crab.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Seafood Bisque at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

The salad bar at the Bridge-Way Diner was my favorite because they had a well-stocked salad bar with dressed salad, three-bean salad, beets, grape leaves, and even bread. As far as restaurants go, it’s one of the better salad bars I’ve been too.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ

My chicken was delicious, and I’ve never had a Greek chicken special, so I don’t have anything to compare it too.  The chicken was cooked well, and there was plenty of olives, feta, and spinach.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Greek Chicken Special at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

I chose the mixed vegetables and homefries for my sides which were both excellent. By that point, I was pretty much full.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Service: A
The waitress was kind and refilled our beverages often. I always appreciate waitresses and waiters that show their personality and she definitely did.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Dessert: A
Since my meal at the Bridge-Way Diner came with dessert and I’m a cake fiend I decided to get the “Bridge-Way Diner Cake”. It was a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was definitely good and not too dry.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Bridge-Way Diner Cake

Jess got the seven layer cake which was extremely good. I think next time I go, I’ll get the 7 layer cake. Each layer was filled with mouse frosting. As a frosting fiend, that’s my type of cake.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Price: $
For my entire meal and coffee, it was $17. For the average person that would be 2-3 meals.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back to the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)?
I really liked the Bridge-Way Diner, and it’s definitely one of my more favorite diners in the Old Bridge area. I would come back if I’m in town!

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Dessert: A
Price: $10-20
Overall: A
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Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of cake?
Do you usually order off the specials? 


Sage Diner (Onley, VA)

Sage Diner (Onley, VA)

Recently I went to the Sage Diner with my parents on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  This Sage Diner is not to be confused with the Sage Diner in Mount Laurel.  Coincidentally, my parents went too a few years ago. I drive down the Eastern Shore (from New Jersey to my hometown of Virginia Beach) regularly, but I haven’t been to a lot if diners on the Eastern Shore.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Atmosphere: B
The Sage diner is located right on Route 13 and has a huge sign located outside, so it’s hard to miss.  There are several locations.

The building reminds me of a local family is owned business  It’s a casual brick building with a sign that says Sage Diner.  The inside is a large square room with several booths and tables as well as a bar.  There is nothing unique about it but does have a cute small town feel to it.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Coffee: B
The waitress brewed a fresh pot and it was brewed hot. There was nothing unique about the coffee and there were a few grounds inside.  Other then that, it wasn’t too bad.

Sage Diner Virginia

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Service: B
Our waitress was very friendly but she got several parts of our order wrong including my parent’s soup as well as my pudding.  She blamed it comically on “being senile”. (Her words not mine).

She was friendly and treated us as if she had known us for years.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Food: B
The Sage Diner menu is huge.  They have the basic breakfast staples such as eggs and pancakes but nothing unusual.  I decided to try the special, “The chicken souvlaki.”  To be honest I had no idea what would come out!

Sage Diner Virginia

I assumed there would be chicken but after that…I had no idea.  The chicken souvlaki had grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and a very thick and heavy oil.  To be honest, there was so much oil it turned into a soup at the bottom of my plate.  The meal itself was good though.  I enjoyed the roasted vegetables and chicken.  It oddly enough reminded me of a grilled fajita on a pita (diner rhyming?).

Sage Diner Virginia

It also came with a side salad which was a perfect compliment.  The menu stated the special came pudding, however, the waitress forgot and by the time she remembered it was time to go.

In summary, I enjoyed my food at the Sage Diner and it was typical of a diner.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Cost: $
For my special and coffee, the cost was $13.  It was a lot of food for not a lot of money so I can’t complain.

Summary/Would I come back to the Sage Diner (Onley, VA)?

I enjoyed the Sage Diner and it’s a great stop on the Eastern Shore.  If you are heading through the Eastern Shore, I would recommend stopping by the Sage Diner.

Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Coffee: B
Food: B
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Have you ordered anything off a menu having no idea what to expect?
Have you ever traveled down route 13 on the Eastern Shore?


Time to Eat Diner (Bridgewater)

Time to Eat Diner (Bridgewater)

A few weeks ago, Caitlin and I met at the Time to Eat Diner.  The Time to Eat Diner has been on my to-do list for a while.  I’ve heard it’s good plus who can argue with that name?  Out of all of the names, “Time to Eat” is in the top.

When in doubt, I will close my eyes. But don't worry, Chelsea looks great
When in doubt, I will close my eyes. But don’t worry, Caitlin looks great

Time to Eat Diner Atmosphere: A
The Time to Eat Diner is located in Bridgewater, NJ, after a semi-confusing roundabout.  It’s modern, clean and has been plenty of parking.  The exterior of the Time to Eat Diner is cobblestone and draws you in.

The inside is spacious with plenty of seating. You walk in next to a large bakery case. It’s clean as well which surprisingly has been an issue lately.  We were lucky to sit in a booth towards the front.

Time to Eat Diner Coffee: A 
The coffee at the Time to Eat Diner was great and had plenty of whipped cream.  The only thing missing was more coffee.

Time to Eat Diner

Time to Eat Diner Service: B
The waitress at the Time to Eat Diner was friendly, and the food was brought out quickly.  It might have been the fastest I’ve ever received food.

Time to Eat Diner Food: B
The Time to Eat Diner menu has everything you imagine in a diner. At the Time to Eat Diner, there is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It was sweltering that day, and I was craving something cold.  I had only run half an hour, but I sweat so much, and I didn’t want any hot food.  I ordered a Mediterranean salad.

Originally I wanted salmon, but they informed me they couldn’t do that, and so I stuck with the chicken.  When the salad came out, I was confused about whether it was chicken or salmon.  Both Caitlin and I stared at the chicken trying to figure it out: was it chicken?  Was it fish?

It was the fishiest looking chicken I’ve ever seen.  That being said the salad was filling, and there was plenty of chicken. When I ate it, it tasted normal, and I have no complaints.  I wish there were more mixed greens, but the salad was good.

Time to Eat Diner

Time to Eat Diner Cost: $$
For my salad and coffee, the cost was $15. It was more expensive for the amount of food, but it was a good meal.

Summary/Would I come back?

I liked the Time to Eat Diner.  The meal was good, and there were plenty of options.  It wasn’t the best diner, but it wasn’t the worst either.  It as odd they couldn’t add salmon, but that’s how it goes.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-20

Overall: A

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Question for you: What’s the restaurant with the coolest name you’ve been too?

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Date with Shannon at Aroma’s Cafe

I like my titles to be clear and concise and tell you exactly what the post is about…that isn’t so hard is it?  I could have easily named this post…cold coffee rage...I guess that would be mysterious.

Shannon and I seem to have the most opposite schedules in the world.  Everytime I come back to VA she is just leaving…everytime she is leaving…I am just coming back.  Our schedules normally correlate for about 2-3 days so it’s always exciting when we get to hang out.

We stopped at my local wawa before because I'm an addict
We stopped at my local wawa before because I’m an addict

A couple of weeks ago we decided to hit a café called Aromas located in Newport News, VA.  (Also one in Williamsburg). That being said, it was about a 30 minute drive because google maps and siri likes to take us on the scenic route.  Not a big deal though because we always have plenty to catch up on.

So arriving at Aroma’s we noticed the restaurant was very centered around the coffee.  The café was cute and had a lot of pinterest signs with humorous coffee quotes.  Not only do I almost always try restaurant coffee to begin with, but if that is one of their main claims to fame then I have to try that as well.  Being a plain jane, I like to get normal coffee.  I don’t get their fancy mocha X,Y and Z with a hint of this and a swirl of that.

So after debating what to order I got their specialty house salad with added chicken and a cup (20 ounces of coffee) equating to about 15 dollars.  A little expensive for me but that is fine.


So first the salad.  It was presented extremely well.  It had all my favorite things:  pita, feta cheese and some actual vegetables for good measure. However, I payed an extra 3 dollars for chicken and there wasn’t much chicken added…The salad itself was good though.


If I had read the menu better I would have noticed that the dressing was some sort of honey mustard flavored.  I don’t exactly care for mustard but it wasn’t bad and I obviously still ate it.

My final verdict: The salad was good but could have used more chicken and been bigger overall for 15 dollars. I had a second lunch a few hours later which was fine. 

Moving on to the coffee.  I don’t normally rail into coffee because I’m not too particular as long as it’s warm and I can add cream.  However, this was a coffee shop and  when I went to go fill up my cup from one of the five pots, four were empty and the other was cold.  So that’s that.   I didn’t finish my coffee and that is saying something for me.

But this photo looks nice
But this photo looks nice


My final verdict: Would I go back?  It’s about a 30 minute drive from my house and honestly if I hadn’t had such great company I might have written a harsher review.  I wouldn’t drive the 30 minutes again back and if I was in the area and hungry at the time I would honestly probably try somewhere new.  It’s not bad by any means, but it isn’t a favorite in the LOLZ book.

*I don’t get payed, sponsored or compensated for my review services and all thoughts and rambles are my own.  

Questions for you:

Best restaurant coffee ever?

How do you judge a restaurant?  Food portion or taste?  Atmosphere?  Your Company? My restaurant reviews (well that is obvious). 

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Chicken and Waffles

I thought I had posted this recipe a while ago…but alas I did not.  That’s fine though, because who doesn’t love yet another savory waffle recipe?  I like savory waffles a lot and have found you can never really have too many savory recipes.  I personally like the combination of chicken and waffles…but chicken in your waffle?  That…something about that…you probably don’t know what to say.

Plus they have the new Lay’s chicken and waffle chips…so why not pair them and make an actual chicken waffle.


Chicken and Waffles

2/3 cup flour

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

1 tablespoon oil

¼ cup chedder cheese

½ cup milk

shredded or broken up chicken

Spices I used: garlic (I know…that’s it).

You can somewhat see the chicken pieces poking through…like a little surprise

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients, mix, then add the cheese and chicken.  If you add them before mixing then you’ll probably have clumps in the batter.

Question for you:

Sweet or savory? 

Have you ever had chicken and waffles? 

It’s pretty big in the south but I don’t see it as much up north.