Workouts: Racing and Taking a Step Back

Like most of the Northeast, it was scorching last week.  If I weren’t motivated to get back out there, I would have struggled with most runners. Luckily I was driven by the pure fact I’m able to run again.  Plus I don’t have certain paces or workouts I need to hit in the heat, so that makes it a little bit easier too.

All of my runs have been easy.  They are boring, and I’ve been running for about any hour 4 days a week and two longer runs.  This time, period makes for several uneventful training logs.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: Midweek Long Run 85 minutes
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 50 minutes
Saturday: Healthy Kids 6k (20:01)
Sunday: Long Run 90 minutes
Total: Roughly 50 miles

My race on Saturday went better than expected. Despite the heat, I was able to run a 20:01.  It was about 20 seconds faster than the week before.  I ran the race last year in cooler conditions and ran a 20:13. So I’m happy with the time for now.

running 12

The main question: So how’s my ankle feeling?

I do still have a little bit of achiness.  It’s not painful, but it is noticeable. I’ve had three weeks of solid base building, so I’m taking a step back next week and taking a few days off.  While I do believe it’s residual pain but, I would rather be safe than sorry.  There is no need to push it now.

Thus another short and relatively boring training log complete.  I wish I had something exciting to share, but the boring parts of training have their place as well.

Questions for you:

How long after an injury do you normally feel “good’?

Is it hot where you are?

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  1. Not hot here early or late but mid-day, it has been. … People throw around the word “injury” on the Internet in so many contexts, it gets pretty ambiguous… I don’t consider a soreness or ailment under 3 days an “injury” but even for longer ones, a lot of people blow it out of proportion IMO. Everyone has to judge their own body and the way they feel though. 😊

    1. I agree with you Greg. I actually fractured my ankle do a bit more serious, but you make such a good point.

  2. It look and sounds like you had a solid week of training, Hollie! Even if the runs were on the easy side, I’m so glad you were happy to get back out and running! Also, nice work on the 6k race. You rocked it 🙂

    And yes, it has been hot here in Pittsburgh! Very humid, too!

  3. You’re killing it getting back into that kind of mileage during the hottest months of the year! I get that feeling of being excited to run regardless of weather after being out for so long. That’s such an impressive time given how hot it was this weekend! You’ll be back to the 18 minute 5ks before you know it.

  4. It’s not super hot where I am in Canada, actually quite comfortable,,,60 to 70.

    My injuries always involve my knees or hips and I’m always on red alert if I feel even a slight twinge there. Through my 40 years of running, I’ve never had any injury below my knee so I feel that we are all victims of our biological weaknesses.

    Awesome job on your Saturday race!

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