The Six Brothers Diner (Little Falls)

About two months ago I drove by The Six Brothers Diner in Little Falls, NJ.  When I drove by, I thought it was a fancy restaurant, but quickly realized it was a diner.  I moved it to my to-do list, but since I have about 100 diners on the immediate list, that doesn’t mean a lot.  Plus The Six Brothers Diner is about 90 minutes from my house.  I don’t mind driving around the state, but I generally save those diners for when I’m already up North.

Six Brothers Diner
Incase there was any question, they are open

In this case, my husband and I were hiking at Hemlock Falls, and since we were close by, we opted to finally try the Six Brothers Diner.

Atmosphere: A 
The Six Brothers Diner is huge. It looks like it could easily sit 500 people and host a banquet.   The Six Brothers Diner has large windows, and it’s open and spacious.  The inside has multiple rooms, a bar, and a dessert case.  The inside is one of my favorite modern diners because there is so much room.  I don’t feel like I’m violating anyone’s personal space.

Service: C
The Six Brothers Diner wasn’t crowded. However, our waitress was barely at our table.  When we asked for drink refills, it felt as if we were bothering her.  Maybe she was doing something in the back, but there were about 15 other people in the entire restaurant and she never appeared to be busy.  Appearances are deceiving, though.

Coffee: C
At The Six Brothers Diner, the coffee wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t bad either. It was simply average. I wish the cup was larger, or I had more refills, but it wasn’t bad. I have nothing interesting to write about it.  The table backdrop is unique.

Six Brothers Diner

Food: A
After a less than stellar start to our meal the Six Brothers Diner shines at food.  The menu is huge and has plenty of different options. The Six Brothers Diner has all day breakfast, multiple burgers and an entire page dedicated to salads.  Recently I’ve gone to a few diners that do have all-day breakfast.  Isn’t that a traditional diner staple?

After six miles of hiking, I was starving and ordered: “The Brooklyn Burger” with sweet potato fries. It was a cheeseburger with an entire layer of mozzarella cheese.  The burger was cooked perfectly.  I enjoyed the crunchiness of the sweet potato fries as well.  I’ve never had a mozzarella cheeseburger before, but it was good.  The sweet potato fries were good.

Six Brothers Diner

Cost: $
For the burger and coffee at The Six Brothers Diner, the cost was $15 which wasn’t inexpensive, but it also wasn’t expensive either.

Summary/Would I come back? 
The Six Brothers Diner was good.  The quality of food was high too, and if I were in the area again, I would come back.  Based on the service when it was empty, I would try and come on quiet days, or you might be there for hours.

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: C
Food: A
Cost: $12-20
Overall: B 

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Questions for you: 
What is your favorite type of French fry?
Have you ever been to a restaurant with its own wine cellar? 

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    1. Ha it counts! Maybe when I’m back up visiting upstate I’ll go! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  1. I always love your diner reviews. I wish Mississippi had cool diners or coffee shops to explore. alas, it’s quite boring in that regard.

    sweet. potato. fries. hands down.

    happy Monday.

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