SaltStick FastChews Review

SaltStick FastChews Review

Running in the desert can be brutal. I was excited to try the SaltStick FastChews. I’ve no stranger to the brand and have used it over the last several years in a variety of climates. I’ve been trying various electrolyte supplements to prepare myself better this year, and SaltStick FastChews came to mind.

Right off the bat, is it Salt Stick Fast Chews?

SaltStick Fast Chews?

Salt Stick FastChews?

No: It’s SaltStick FastChews. 

SaltStick FastChews Review

About the Brand SaltStick:

SaltSick was focused over 15 years ago when Jonathan Toker, Ph.D., an elite triathlete and ultrarunner, created SaltStick products.  He was looking for ways to better meet the electrolyte needs of athletes during training and races.SaltStick products are made in the USA at an FDA-inspected cGMP facility. They contain only what you need, and there are no traces of herbal, trace, or questionable components.SaltStick FastChews are regularly tested for banned substances under the Informed-Choice program.

Products undergo a rigorous, accredited four-step certification and testing process, so athletes are provided with the highest level of assurance. You can learn more about that here.

SaltStick FastChews Review

What are SaltStick FastChews?

The SaltStick Fastchews is an easy-to-consume tablet that provides your body with electrolytes you lose through sweat and during workouts.

The recommended serving is a SaltStick FastChew tablet ver 15-30 minutes. I was shocked to learn that! Consuming 8 FastChew tablets results in:

  • 400 mg sodium
  • 120 mg potassium
  • 24 mg magnesium
  • 40 mg calcium

The SaltStick FastChews are formulated to give electrolytes and help lower heat stress and muscle cramping from sweat loss. They are much easier to consume than gels or energy products, but they will not give you the calories you need. This is both a positive and a negative. The positive is that you can use your own fuel and aren’t limited to one thing. The negative is that if you’re running a race or training run, you’ll have to hold two different things. Now that the FastChews take up much space.

SaltStick FastChews Review

My Experience with SaltStick FastChews:

The SaltStick FastChews come in 6 different flavors:

  • Lemon Lime: I found this to be the most tart. I preferred water with it so the lemon did not get stuck in my throat.
  • Tart Orange: This wasn’t as tart as I anticipated and actually was my favorite flavor.
  • Mixed Berry: Did not try
  • Watermelon: The sweeter of the SaltStick FastChews I tried.
  • Tropical Mango: I did not try.
  • Peach: I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor and it’s one of my favorite peach-flavored items.

The SaltStick FastChews do range on the more tart side, but none of them “taste like medicine.” I was happy because no one wants to get the taste of medicine stuck in their throat during a workout. They all taste fine, and I haven’t had any issues. I prefer the lemon-lime with water, but I prefer hydration anyway.

The SaltStick FastChews are easy to eat and consume. It mentions they are chewable and you shouldn’t have an issue. I regularly chew mine with and without water and I don’t have problems with it getting into my blood stream.

I also appreciate the small and resealable bags. Plus, you can buy their bigger containers which come in bottles (almost like a medicine bottle).

SaltStick FastChews Review

Do SaltStick FastChews work?

Probably the most common question. I can tell you; I notice a difference almost immediately when I use them versus when I don’t. I actually notice using the FastChews more than competitors such as Nuun. The major con with the SaltStick FastChews is you’ll still need calories.

Cost: $15

You can get a 60-count container for $15, which is cheaper. Many (only) electrolyte replacement products are anywhere from 2-3X the amount.

SaltStick FastChew Conclusion:

If you are running in the heat, the FastChew is definitely a great option. Even in cooler weather, we lose electrolytes, which can be used (although not as much).

I appreciate you can use them with or without water, and they are fairly inexpensive for electrolyte replacement. Plus, they work quickly. The only downside is you do need separate gels or endurance fuel. That can also be an upside because you can use your fueling.

You can purchase SaltStick FastChews here and see more gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried SaltStick FastChews?

What is your favorite electrolyte replacement?