Injured Workout Log: Tests, Swim and Spin

My workouts last were week were all over the place.  While recovering from the injury, I don’t have anything strict and I workout when I feel like it.  I don’t have “a plan”.  I do my PT exercises daily to build strength to my ankle and go to the gym/pool when I’m motivated.  This log is all over the place, though.


First, my food poisoning finally simmered down last Sunday.

Since I found out about food poisoning and a fractured foot within two hours of each other, posts about food poisoning took a back seat.  In summary, I had a rare form of food poisoning caused by under cleaned seafood.  I had to get a series of shots as well as a blood test to make sure it wasn’t a more dangerous form.  I don’t think I mentioned it on the blogging space, but the food poisoning was a huge deal. If I had “only” gotten food poisoning, it would have been enough to knock me out of training for at least a week.  Since I wasn’t running and had other things going on, it took a back seat.

Since I did get a lot of blood taken for the tests related to food poisoning, I had to delay getting blood tests for my Calcium, Vitamin D, and Cortisol levels.  Once they were able to take blood for that, my levels came out in the normal range.  It was once again surprising.

The final and most important test (to me) was the Dexa test.  The Dexa test measures bone density.  Anyone can have what is considered “normal” calcium and Vitamin D levels but the Dexa scan could indicate osteoporosis or low bone density.  Mentally, it was a hard test to take because I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the results. My bone density came out surprisingly normal and not even in the Osteopenia range.

So here I sit, four weeks off from running.  It doesn’t feel like it’s been four weeks but I was mentally exhausted from running.

What do we know? 
  • We know my bone fracture wasn’t caused by low bone density or poor nutrition.
  • It could have been caused by rolling or spraining my ankle, except I never felt a point that would indicate I did either.
  • It could be caused from running high mileage, except I probably ran on it for a significant amount of time with no suspicion of a fractured bone.
  • It could be caused by my form which puts an abnormal about of pressure on my fifth metatarsals and metatarsals in general.
What did I do last week?
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday: 1 Hour Spin Class+30 minutes core
Wednesday: 45 mins AMT+30 minutes core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 45 minutes AMT+30 minutes core
Saturday: Swim (3000 Meters)
Sunday: 30 minutes core+ Swim (2000 Meters)

My foot didn’t hurt doing any of the workouts  I don’t have any structured plan but I’m going to classes and working out when I want.  I wasn’t able to get on the Alter G treadmill yet but the timing didn’t work with my schedule last week. I was allowed to run on it.

I am allowed to attempt a short 1 mile run in exactly one week and see how it feels.  My foot and ankle don’t hurt now, so I’m hoping for the best.

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Questions for you:
Have you had a mysterious illness, sickness or ailment?
How was your week of workouts?