Training: Swimming and 1 Mile Run

This week I did two workouts which lasted for a grand total of about 70 minutes. 

On Tuesday, I swam for an hour.

On Wednesday, in honor of Global Running Day, I ran 1 mile. 

Global running day

Tuesday: 60ish minute swim


Most of my long term readers know I swam before running.  I swam competitively for almost 15 years but burnt out in college.  Since I stopped swimming nearly five years ago, I’ve only been in the pool a handful of times.

Each swimming workout hasn’t been good or bad, but swimming isn’t the first workout I choose.  To be honest, I hate how much of a process it is.  First, you must find a pool, then change, then workout, then shower, then come home.  For an hour workout, it ends up at least a 2-hour process.  It’s a silly reason, but it’s the major reason I haven’t been in the pool much.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve needed a running break. 

I’m both mentally and physically burnt out from running.  My body needs more rest.  I’ve been consistently training for over a year and instead of having a serious injury, it’s better to rest.  Plus from a mental standpoint, I need it!

To be real, it’s hard to blog about running while not running and taking a break.  My blog is based on the premise of my training, eating well and healthy living.

I’ve done none of those things for the last week.  

I haven’t been running; I haven’t been eating well, and I’ve chosen other things over working out 100% of the time.

I won’t sit here and pretend I don’t feel a tiny bit guilty, but it’s the time my body needs.  I’m never going to jeopardize my personal life or choose to do something (like working out) solely for blogging.

So what have I been doing? 

I haven’t been laying on my couch. However, I’ve been focusing on getting rest, recovery and deep tissue massages as well as ART.  I want to prepare my legs for the next training cycle.  I want to start my training cycle fresh and free of knots, adhesions and whatever other scar tissue has accumulated in my legs. I’ve got months of that festering!

So there you have it.  It’s a major ramble, with no real advice or substance. In summary, I rested and didn’t do much that merits having a running blog.

Questions for you:
When was the last training break you took? 
Have you ever done something, just for the purpose of blogging? 

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  1. The way I maintain my love of running is not to do it all the time. 🙂 I usually just take total running breaks when I’m injured, but when I am healthy I always make sure to rotate other activities so running stays interesting. I’ve got to be active in some way or stress gets to me and I suffer from mild depression. My “other” activities I choose from are: biking, swimming, walking the dog, hiking, and rollerblading. I’d like to add in kayaking or something else on water this summer. Maybe yoga too. Always mixing it up!

  2. It is so important to rest. After pushing myself a bit too far in the beginning of May my right foot started to hurt a bit. I stepped back and took some much needed rest and finally getting back to my usual routine but trying not to overwork. Recovery is important and I am trying to incorporate more stretching/mobility workouts into my routine. I think it is great you revisited swimming. I agree it is a long process though which is why I usually swim only on the weekend. If I go after work it’s like my whole evening and forget about dinner, I usually just have a protein smoothie.

  3. I am coming off an eight week stress fracture. I swam a ton, which was so so good for my body, but I completely agree about what a process the swim workout can be!

  4. I think it’s great you’re taking a break. Rest days, recovery weeks, or full BREAKS are good ideas. You know how you felt mentally and physically and if you needed a break or not, no one could know that but you, and if you felt that way, you’re doing the right thing even if it means less blogging material ;).

    We are still here and reading and supporting you, whether you are running 1 mile weeks or 100 mile weeks.

  5. You are the absolute best for this. I just too 3 weeks off running and it was the best thing I could have done. Rest is vital and as someone who a lot of people look up to, it is AWESOME to see you spreading this message. You GO, Hollie!

  6. I totally think that writing about taking a break belongs on a running blog! I feel like it’s something not enough people talk about, which gives the impression that it’s not only normal, but -necessary- to run all the time with the bare minimum of rest days… which in turn just makes people feel guilty for resting when they totally shouldn’t. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time off and using it as an opportunity to prep for future training 🙂

  7. I like your blogs,even if you are not running, take as much time off as you need, running will always be there for you. Taking a break is a good thing, you can do other things and enjoy life with your family and husband,and clearing your mind.
    I bet swimming feels good with this heat wave were having.
    Happy running hollie.

  8. i definitely don’t do things specifically for the blog (unless it’s a review of equipment or something) but often the non-running related posts are more fun & people like getting insight on the person behind the “running blog”- i like the ramblings! Keep em coming 🙂

  9. Swimming! It will definitely help your body recover and also your mind. When I swim, I’m able to get into a zen/meditative state sometimes. Next thing you know, you’ll be riding a bike and hammering watts! 🙂

  10. Hi Hollie! I don’t usually comment, but your last sentence made me change my mind today. I love your blog and definitely see you as an inspiration for my running. I love how much you love running and how much effort you put into getting better and better. In my opinion though, this post is the opposite of what you think it is; it is informative, inspirational and 100% relevant to everyone that runs! You show that the most important thing is to love what you’re doing and to take a break even when your not ‘forced’ to do so because of injury. It is something to be proud of rather than to feel guilty about that you have the courage and knowledge to take this break and to share this aspect of ‘training’ too!! Enjoy your break, enjoy eating all the things you love and enjoy lazing on the couch when you feel like it!

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment Eveline. Looking back, it makes sense because I’ve been training so hard for the last year. Happy running and training for you!

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