How to Celebrate Global Running Day

Today is the best Holiday ever!

Despite the government not recognizing it as a national holiday, today is Global Running Day.  Most of us still have to go to work, but hopefully, you can celebrate with your friends or alone if you desire.

how to celebrate global running day

How can you celebrate National Running Day?

Step 1:  Go for a run.  That would make sense…run on running day.

  • Find some friends and run.
  • Go to your local running store and run with local running store friends.
  • Run with a spouse, friend, child or even your pet.
  • Or run by yourself if that’s what you like to do.
  • Or if your schedule calls for rest, do that too…you’re actually still a runner whether you run today or not.

Step 2: Post on Social Media that you have celebrated Global Running Day.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube are all perfect platforms to post

Here are some other ways to celebrate National Running Day:

  • Walk around with your favorite medal around your neck all day long. Seems natural right?
  • Set up a finish line shoot in front of your house. Invite friends to complete their run at your home.
  • Put every single running car magnet, decal and sticker on your vehicle.
  • Cheer for random strangers as they walk or run anywhere. Motivate them to do their thing!
  • Sign up for at least 10-15 races today.
  • For the entire day only eat energy gels and GU.

Step 3: Finally at the end of the day, give yourself a trophy because why not.  You completed the best day ever, and everyone’s a winner. 

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Questions for you:
How are you celebrating National Running Day?
Do you like to run with people or alone?