March Training

March training: 

We are already about a week into April and I’m just typing up my training log.  I’m waiting on race photos from the April Fools half marathon and then I’ll post about that too.

But let’s look back at March!  Normally February training is miserable and March is a breakthrough month for me.  Since February was unseasonable warm, it was a good month and I PRed in my 5k.  March wasn’t as good but not a bad month.

me running 1

Miles: 310
Longest run: 13.8
Shortest run: 2 mile warmup
Highest mileage day: 15.65 miles Workout warmup, 6.55 mile tempo, cooldown
Range of paces: 5:40-10:18-untimed
Fastest mile: 5:40 (Phillies 5k)
Rest days: 6

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 4 miler (23:58)
Leprechaun 5 miler (30:37)
Shamrock Half Marathon (1:26.50)
Phillies Charity 5k (18:27)

via Phillies facebook
via Phillies facebook
Favorite race:
This is hard for me.  I really enjoyed 3/4s of my races. Right off the bat, I can rule out Shamrock.   The race was well put together as always but I didn’t run well and ended up crawling to the finish.  I think winning the Phillies 5k or barely maintaining my lead in the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup run were my favorite race moments.

grilled cheese and tomato soup run 1

Workouts: 3
6×1 mile repeats with 90 seconds rest
6.5 mile tempo (2)

I skipped two workouts this month due to an uncomfortable hamstring.  I don’t regret that.

Favorite workout:
I felt strong during my last tempo with my husband.  4 miles warmup, 6.5 mile tempo, 5 mile cooldown).  My first mile was exactly 7:00 minute pace but once I got into a groove, I kept my pace between 6:30-6:36.

t and I running


Shamrock defeated me mentally, emotionally and physically.  It was not a great race and left with lingering hamstring issues.  Following Shamrock, my mileage decreased and I skipped 2 workouts. Since visiting Dr. Kemenosh’s office twice, I can say my hamstring has been taken care of and I’m back to running healthy.   It did create a bigger taper for the April Fools half and I ran my 3rd fastest half marathon time.

I was never unhealthy, but more uncomfortable.  It was a funny issue, I can’t pinpoint where the pain was and it never altered my stride but something was off. I don’t regret skipping any workouts or running days because if I had run through and torn my hamstring or any muscle, I wouldn’t be writing the same monthly recap.  I’ve come to terms with skipping workouts or runs if I feel off.

shamrock marathon 1

So in summary, despite a mini hiccup, I’m happy with how March went.

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

How do you gauge when to back off? 

For me, if it changes my stride I won’t run. Also I tend to take unplanned rest days if I don’t get enough sleep.  I don’t run well tired.

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  1. I find that a disappointing race can leave me feeling down as well. March was the month that I got clearance to start running again so my training has been pretty minimal. But it’s been great to be running again.

  2. Learning when it is smart to back off and when it is okay to push through is something that I am always trying to improve. I had to back off a little in March after a particularly exhausting weekend of very little sleep. By the time I left work Monday night I was certain that I was coming down with a nasty cold and canceled my run. It definitely was the right call because after going to be ridiculously early I felt 100% better the next day.

    I’m glad to hear your hamstring issue is fully resolved!

  3. march was actually great! I had a half marathon that was a huge confidence booster and a few really hard tempo runs that brought me back to reality. But i like the hard runs–they’re showing where my weaknesses are, and i can continue to work on them. You are super smart by taking off a workout or two–especially when you feel something is not normal. That’s what I do too, if something is more than muscle sore, i take a few days off.

  4. Another great month!! I’m glad the hamstring issue is clearing itself up. You have a great outlook on taking time off when its necessary. I don’t run well on little sleep either.

  5. March may not have been as great as February, but you still had a kickin’ month. My month paled in comparison, but it still felt pretty solid.

    I am no stranger to injury, but knowing when to back off has never really been my strong suit. Often times I make it much worse before I make it better, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who does. I’m slowly learning that one extra day off to recover is better than an extra day of detrimental training

  6. you got to run through the tape twice!!! that is so cool!! i know i need to back off training when my hip issues are non-stop. I know then I need to spend more time foam rolling and stretching and less time running until its better. frustrating, but better than months off because of a serious injury.

  7. Besides my toe hiccup at the end, the month was great for me too. I enjoyed March! Love seeing the pictures of you break tape. CONFESSION: I am jealous of this. I’ve won several races now but have yet to break tape!

    1. It’s funny because I’ve won several races but I think I’ve only broken 5 tapes and two were this month LOL. I know you will though Allison.

  8. All I am thinking about now is eating grilled cheese and tomato soup!! But yes, it’s SO important to back off workouts when you need to. I’ve learned the hard way but now, as soon as I feel too uncomfortable, tired or just “off” – I take a day and reset and refocus. It has only improved my running!

  9. When you do hill repeats, do you know how steep the hill is? As in grade %
    I never know if I should aim for a gradual incline vs. super steep!

    1. I actually don’t pay much attention to the hill grade. To be honest I seek out the hilly sections around me. There isn’t a precise grade I look for.

  10. You should totally be happy with March- some awesome race times for you!! But yes, those aches and pains can rerail us. I’ve been extra conservative when my shin was acting a bit uncomfortable but it seems to be 100% again now, fingers crossed!

    I also love that you share your range of paces- I think it’s really important for runners to remember that to run fast it is okay (and good!) to have some really slow miles in there too.

  11. Great month and great to hear the hamstring is better! I also love the photo of your breaking the tape at the Phillies race. 🙂

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