What’s Going On?

Life…life is going on!

It’s hard to believe it’s now April.  

As usual, I’m boring, working and living the adulthood dream.  My husband and I went on a nice date the other night and even looked appropriate outside of running clothes.  Who knew that could happen?

tim and I

It’s an April miracle!

Last weekend my in-laws came into town for the April Fools half marathon.  My father in law has been running well and wanted to do the April Fools half marathon.  I was so excited to tell you about it, I mischeduled my post for Sunday.  Typical me…not paying attention and failing at blogging.  A lot of humor happened at the half, including him accidently forgetting to sign up for the race, me forgetting racing clothing and of course, like everyone else suffering through the wind.

While it was sunny, it was actually really cold.
While it was sunny, it was actually really cold

The wind knocked down several trees and lights this weekend.  After January and February being nice months, March and the start of April have been rougher, weather wise.

wind atlantic city

Other than that, I haven’t been up to a lot outside of work.  We’ve had a few changes at my job as well as my volunteer work, so I’ve been on the go.  Maybe a little bit too much?  April and May will be the busy season for me.

Running life:

I don’t have any goal races coming up in April.  My primary goal is to become and stay healthy.  My next (major) race will be the Broad Street 10 miler on May 1st.  I’ll jump into 5ks before then but no major races.  The majority of April will be dedicated to running healthy and building a base.

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I’m writing a few more posts about the runnings store and running in general so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Questions for you:
What have you been up to lately?
Do you have any goal races (like Boston!) coming up?


  1. I’m happy to hear things are good for you! And you both do clean up nice 🙂 Dan and I are finally a part of the adult world because we bought our first house!

  2. I enjoy your posts Hollie always fun, interesting and humorous. To answer your question I do have a goal race and it happens every year in April. It’s called the Seneca 7. It is a 77.7 mile relay race around Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lake region. It is a tough course and the sitting between your running legs makes it even tougher. This year our 7 person all male team “Liar Liar Feet on Fire” is hoping to win the event. Last year we placed 3rd overall and 1st place male. We lost to two amazing, blazingly fast women teams. Part of that was my poor strategy planning which I had failed to see. This year I made the necessary changes. I also had to replace 2 guys this year as well and lastly I’m running a minute and a half faster per mile than last year. The field is greater this year with 283 teams. So we will see what happens. If I only had one race to do a year this would be it.

  3. I’m in a similar position race wise. My goal half-marathon isn’t until the end of May so I’m just training, staying healthy and trying to improve. I may pick up some shorter races for fun this month though. Hope your hamstring isn’t bugging you anymore 🙂

  4. You’ve had two weeks of really brutal race conditions in a row and still pulled off a fantastic time. April and May are super busy months in the running store world. It’s my favorite time of year to work there but I also don’t work full time there or I’d probably be pretty burnt out.

  5. I’m in the same boat. I want to build fitness throughout April and I have a goal race in May!

  6. I can’t believe it is already April already either! This year is flying by!! My husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to London and Amsterdam and it was the trip of a lifetime!

  7. I have a local 5K next Saturday that I’d like to PR, as it’s flat, usually draws a fast crowd, and probably the last 5K I will run before the weather becomes sufferingly hot here in SC. But I’m not sure I’d call it a “goal race” so much. My summer will be filled with race-outs (race as a tempo run workout) and just trying to survive and keep running.

    It looks like you had a great date with Tim and that you and your FIL had fun at the April Fools Race despite the wind and craziness! I have known people to sign up for races early and forget they had signed up and register twice, or to not know if they signed up at all. It can be confusing if you race often.

    Good luck with the work and volunteering changes!

  8. Ahhh date night in regular human clothing. It’s a rare occurrence for my husband and I. Ha! I think just staying healthy and enjoying a base building run period sounds perfect. I’ve been working my tail off in an attempt to finally freaking qualify for Boston!!! My race is April 30th at the rock n roll Nashville marathon. Almost there!!!

  9. I have a few races coming up this spring- a 15k and a half marathon. I’m not sure what my goals will be for the half but I’m just excited to be racing again. Taking time off during the winter months always leaves me anxious in the spring.

  10. We had a really mild few months and now March and the start of April have been so windy!! I could definitely do without the wind!

    Our house building is consuming my life and we are getting close to the end but until we get there training or even any kind of regular workouts are on hold.

    I can’t wait for Boston! I’m not going but can’t wait to watch! Have a great week Hollie!

  11. What have you been up to lately? I’ve been doing HILL REPEATS! I am trying to get faster but it’s like my legs just don’t want to move.
    Do you have any goal races (like Boston!) coming up? I have not signed up for anything yet, however I would like a 2:30 half marathon time this year!

  12. I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2016. Good luck with all things coming up with April!

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