Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (32:12)

Bungalow Beach 5 Miler (32:12)

Last weekend I ran the Bungalow Beach 5 Miler in Atlantic City.  As I continue to build miles, I’m trying to make it a point to race more whether I feel great or not.  If there is anything I learned from the weekend, it’s how to spell Bungalow (at least I think so).

I didn’t feel great on Saturday.  While I only took a week off, I feel like I’ve distanced myself from the sport since about May.  I’ve been running but training for PRs, no.  I rode out the fitness from the training cycle through both Broad Street and the Newport 10 miler.

I woke up around 5, ate, and arrived to Atlantic City around 7 am.  The race starts in a different area than the April Fools Half. As I walking to pick up my bib, a very intoxicated man asked if I was just getting off from the strip club next door.  What a way to start.

The line to pick up bibs was long, and I had time to warm up about 2 miles.  As I was sprinting towards the start, I realized they were doing the national anthem. I paid my respect and made it to the start with about 30 seconds to spare.

The race went off right at 8 am.  During the first mile, I found myself running with a few men.  I passed one other female around mile 1.  My legs felt stiff and tired, and with 100% humidity, the weather was not ideal. I didn’t feel great or especially terrible and ran a 6:23.

I ran the second mile alone.  There was a cross breeze but nothing crazy. It actually felt good.  We left the boardwalk, and I ran a 6:28.

We turned around mile 2.3 and headed back towards the finish.  I like beach and shore races because usually, you get to see friends and other racers going in the opposite direction.  I saw a lot of local people and high fived a lot of people.

bungalow beach 5 miler atlantic city

Thanks, Meridith for the photo!

Around mile 4, I knew the second place woman was quickly catching me.  I was giving it my all.  We entered the beach, and I was worried I would fall, so I took running on the sand extremely safe.  Even though I was barely above a walk, I would instead not hurt myself versus attempt to sprint to the finish only to roll an ankle.  I could see the finish, but I thought it would never come closer!  I crossed in 32:12 and was able to win.

I am happy to be out there again, and it feels good to be racing. In February I ran a 5 Miler in 30:25 and while I’m not in that shape now I’m enjoying running and able to run.  Usually in June that hasn’t been the case.  I’ll continue looking for races and chipping away.  Right now I didn’t have anything “big” planned out, and I’m just enjoying racing each weekend.

Questions for you;

Have you ever run on sand?

Do you have beach plans this summer?


JJ’s Diner (Pleasantville

JJ’s Diner (Pleasantville

A few weeks ago, after the April Fools half marathon, I stopped at JJ’s diner on the way home.  When I arrived around lunchtime on a Sunday, it was crowded.  In fact, it’s one of the few diners I’ve had to wait for a table.  No big deal!

Atmosphere: B
JJ’s Diner is small but cute. The outside looks like a small trailer.  I like the old yellow sign that says JJ’s too.  It is one room, with several tables, booths, and a full-length bar.  It’s very compact.

JJ's Diner pleasentville nj 

Coffee: B
The coffee was brewed hot, but I could have used more.  It was the local Lacas brand.  I’ve actually been to several diners that have Lacas brew lately.  It was hot and after a cold, wet, rainy race, exactly what I needed.  I just wish I had more.

JJ's Diner pleasentville nj

Food: A
JJ’s Diner has many different options.  The diner itself is only open until 3 pm, so they don’t have big entrees, but they have all sorts of breakfast and lunch specials. I decided to order the chicken and waffles.JJ's Diner pleasentville nj

As I’ve mentioned a few times, since living in Alabama last year, I’ve wanted to find good chicken and waffles.  At JJ’s, the chicken and waffles were one of the best portions I’ve had.  The waffle itself was crisp, but the chicken portion was massive.  It was also topped with a homemade sauce which made for a delicious topping.  In fact, it didn’t need any additional syrup.  So far, it’s the best chicken and waffles I’ve found in the North. 

Service: A
The waitress was friendly and kind. Even being busy, she came to check on us several times.  The food also came out quickly. I think we waited long for a table than the food!

Cost: $
For the chicken and waffle, plus coffee the cost as $11.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I enjoyed JJ’s Diner, and it’s definitely a diner I would stop at again if I went down the shore.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Overall: A 

This is Diner Review 183. You can see more diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
Have you had chicken and waffles?
What is your favorite post workout meal?

April Fools Half Marathon (1:26.08)

April Fools Half Marathon (1:26.08)

The April Fools Half race is typically one of my favorite races of the year. I PRed in 2014, won in 2015, and as most people know last year wasn’t my day.  Even though last year wasn’t my day, I enjoyed how well the race was put together and seeing friends.

Moving forward, not running well in 2017 meant I was hoping to run better in 2018. I wanted redemption (for myself).  As the race drew closer, I found myself having similar burn out symptoms as 2017.  A few weeks ago, I took several days off and focused on rest and recovery.  It was what I needed, and when the race drew closer, I felt more ready.

Like many racers this past weekend (People that ran Boston are awesome!), the conditions were not pleasant. It was spitting rain, and extremely windy. For me, I would rather it rain or not rain.  The change in weather made it difficult to prepare for.

Racing in torrential downpours is different than running in a dry 45 degree.  While driving down, I noticed we were going to deal with direct headwind and tailwind.  In 2016, it year it was Gail force winds, but crosswinds.  You never got a direct headwind, just sidewind down the shore.  It wasn’t pleasant, but it was better than racing through a headwind. This year it looked like you would run fast going out, then get your face smacked with the wind coming back.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

And that’s exactly what happened.

I was between 5 different outfits depending on if the rain held off but ultimately decided to wear my Goretex jacket and shorts. I was happy I did.  Between my half marathon and Boston, it’s amazing to me, how many people are embarrassed to race in a jacket.  Race smart, and put some clothes on.

We got to the start around 6:45, chatted with friends, then lined up at 8.  By the time I knew it, we were off!  When the race started, I immediately found myself running alone. I remained alone for the entire race. I was within 15 seconds of one male, but for the most part, I ran alone.

The first few miles went by quickly. We had a significant tailwind.  I ran between 6:15-6:17 and hit the first 5k in 19:26. I felt good and better than I have in a while. Of course, the wind helped, but mentally I felt good.

The next few miles left the boardwalk.  I began counting down the miles.  It’s never good when you start counting down the miles at mile 5.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

I hit the 10k in a wind-aided 38:13. It was just under PR pace.  I’m not one to take my races out fast, and the pace was faster than my PR at Phoenix.  I didn’t suddenly think, today I would PR because I knew the headwind would be nasty.  I did, however, feel good. ]

At 6.55 miles in, we turned around, and that is pretty much where all of the “race action” happened.

Immediately, into hitting the wind, I thought omg this will be rough.  We were running into an unblocked 35 mph headwind.  Which we did for the remainder of the race.  You could see the waves crashing on the shore and birds basically going backward.  At some points, I would stop dead in my tracks.  I had no one to draft off of, no one to commiserate with, just me and my thoughts (which mostly consisted of 4 letter words).

I knew it was important to run for the conditions and forget about pace. I ran mile 7 in 6:27.  The next two miles were two of the hardest miles I’ve run in my life (behind mile 16 of the New York City Marathon).  The wind was blowing straight in your face.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

We were tucked along the shore, and the buildings didn’t provide a lot of protection.  I began passing racers going the opposite direction who were cheering.  I recognized many and tried to cheer, but it was difficult to hear anything over the wind blasting in your face.  I ran mile 8 in 7:15 and mile 9 in 6:58.  Two of my slowest half marathon miles in a long time, but I didn’t care.  I knew what the conditions were.

At mile 9, I told myself okay 4 miles to go.  We entered the unprotected boardwalk.  The shore was right there, and along the coast it gets windy.  I’ve never run in 35 mph headwind for a race, let alone along the waterfront.  Before the race, I had thought maybe a jacket was too much, but at mile 9 I was happy with it.  I had purposely only put 2 pins on my bib in case I wanted to delayer, but I was cold the last 4 miles.

I kept plugging along, and the miles slowly started ticking away.  My legs felt great, but the headwind was still there.  The miles went by without a lot of excitement.

Around mile 12, a woman darted across the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is wooden, and with the rain the boardwalk was slick.  The slickness is what caused me to wear the more cushioned Nike Zoom Fly, versus a racing flat.  Coincidently, I chose the shoe so I wouldn’t slip and fall.

When the cyclist saw the women, he told her to get off the course.  I, not as nicely, said to move. She didn’t, and within a second we collided and were both on the ground.  I fell directly onto my tailbone.  There was nothing more the cyclist or myself could have done to prevent that. It stunk, but it happened.

I layed there, on the ground at mile 12 of the race I desperately wanted to finish strong. The adrenaline kicked in, and before I knew it, I was up again. My adrenaline was pumping, just telling myself I had 7 more minutes of running.  At that point, nothing hurt.  The cyclist asked me if I was okay and I said yes.  All I could think about was finishing the race.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

The last mile was tough, to begin with.  It’s a straight line, down the boardwalk.  It was windy, I had just fallen, and wanted the race to be done.  Finally, I saw the finish.

Like 2015, they weren’t able to inflate the blow up this year due to the wind.  Then I saw  I was going to break the tape.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

Every emotion came out.  The previous night’s makeup was running from the rain, I was smiling, and I crossed the finish line in 1:26.08.

me april fools half marathon atlantic city running

After the race, I was asked about my back.  I chose not to cool down, because of my tailbone. I talked with friends, including my good friend and local runner Erin.

I did get an X-ray which didn’t find anything broken.  In my personal experience, x-rays have never shown small fractures but if anything, I know it’s not shattered.  I’ve never hurt my tailbone before! That being said, I’m still cautious.  Due to where I hit, I got a few other tests done including a spinal tap to make sure nothing around my brain was bleeding (which it isn’t).

While 1:26.08 is “only” 9 seconds faster than the previous year: the weather was much more difficult (the weather was almost ideal last year), but most importantly, I crossed mentally feeling good.

Questions for you:
Did you race last weekend?  How was it?
Have you ever fallen during a race?

April Fools Half Marathon (1:26.17)

I’ve mentioned countless times I’ve been stuck in a plateau since October.  The April Fools half marathon was supposed to be “the redemption race”.  As you can see, that didn’t happen.

That being said, I have no regrets about the race, and I raced as hard as I could for the day.  It just wasn’t my day.  Which is also unfortunate because the weather was also ideal.  I have a lengthy post about training hard and not meeting your goals, but today is just a post about a girl running her heart out in Atlantic City.

I was back and forth with getting a hotel room down the shore but ultimately chose to sleep in my own bed.  I left my house at 6 am and arrived at the race around 7:15.  Somehow I managed to get the very last parking spot in the Resorts Casino Hotel which is a parking lot that fits at least 1000 cars. I’m always pushing the limits when I go to races, and of course, this was no exception.

I got to the race start and was able to use one of the dozens of nice casino bathrooms.  I always think Atlantic City races are underrated.  There is plenty of parking, nice bathrooms and they are well put together.

Not much of note happened before the race.  I chatted to a few local friends beforehand but nothing crazy.  The race started at 8 and off we went.

Immediately I noticed a woman take off ahead.  I knew she would win.

Win the race I won last year.  After about a minute of letting that sink in, I focused on my own race. You can’t control who shows up.

With that, I focused on the first mile.  I’ve run the race twice before (in 2014 and 2016), and I know the course well.  The first mile went down the wooden boardwalk.  I was running in a pack, and we hit the first mile in 6:20. I was surprised, and honestly, I didn’t feel that bad.april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

The next two miles were uneventful.  I ran with the pack, and we logged an exact 20 minute 5k.  I felt extremely stiff when running.  Throughout the entire race, I never felt like I loosened up.

Around mile 3.5 we got off the boardwalk and headed onto the paved street.  As we crossed down, someone was on their cell phone texting, and I had to shout please look up.  Otherwise, I would have run smack into him! At that point, I began feeling stale, and I suppose that would have given me an excuse to drop out. Other than that the fourth mile was uneventful.

During the next two miles, I focused on getting to the halfway point.  I knew we would be turning around and I wanted to get my bearings.  I knew my friend Erin was gaining behind me and I knew the elite woman was several minutes in front.  Other than that, I was running alone and knew nothing.  Around 5.5, I saw the leaders turning around, and the elite lady was second overall for both and female.  That was amazing to see (because she had also run the 11k the day before).

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

I crossed the turnaround in 42:30 and found myself side by side with Erin.  She looked strong and was on target for a PR.  It was super motivating because despite feeling like garbage, seeing friends succeed still motivates me.  As we started running the opposite direction, I saw several local runners cheering.

I felt terrible was just trying to put it behind me.  I hit the 7th and 8th mile in 6:48.  There was a surprisingly strong headwind during the two miles, and it crushed me both mentally and physically.

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

There have been a handful of races I was one thought away from dropping out. Atlantic City was one of them.  I didn’t have anyone expecting me at the finish line.  There were no friends or family to look in the eyes for me to say why I quit.  I never need anyone at the finish line, but it made it easy to justify just stopping. I wasn’t injured, but mentally I was destroyed.

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

For some reason, I kept going.  I remembered both marathons with 3 miles to go that I felt the same way: like I would never get there.  I just remembered the race was probably 30 minutes more of my life and I was done.

We ran back onto the wooden Boardwalk could see the Resorts hotel and the finish several miles in the distance.  My friend Erin, myself and another male were running down the boardwalk side by side.

By mile 10, I just gave it everything I had and surged.  I didn’t have much left in the tank but ran 11 and 12 in 6:30.

As I remembered, the last mile of Atlantic City races feels never ending.  You see the casino where the race ends but don’t see the actual finish line until a quarter mile to go.  I had broken up the pack and was running alone.

I finally saw the finish line and gave it everything I had, but it was not enough.  Erin passed me in the final stride and won out second place.  Our chip times were identical but overall goes by gun and she finished one second faster.  I finished bittersweet.  I fell short of my training cycle goals, and I placed third in a race I had won last year.

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running


Even though I finished with my slowest time on the best weather day, I’ve had for that race I was happy to finish healthy.

april fools half marathon atlantic city me running

Post Race with Erin picking up awards

It’s been nearly a week since I finished and had time to reflect.  My goal for the last 6 months was to PR at the April Fools half marathon, and I missed that goal by about 4 minutes.  As I mentioned in my last training post. 1:26 is a respectable half marathon time, but it’s not the time I trained for.  When you don’t meet goals, it stinks.  I’ve accepted it and moved on.  While running is what I choose to post about on social media, it does not define my life.  I finished the training cycle healthy, and while I didn’t meet any goals or expectations, there are many more years and training cycles left in my life.

I won’t lie and say I’m happy with the race because I’m not.  I will not, however, let it define me and I’ll continue to move forward.

Post Race with good friend Meredith who PRed!

What’s next? 

I do have Broad Street 10 miler next weekend, which will be more of a fun race for me than anything.  Last year, I surprised myself and ran a 1:01.57.  This year I’m excited to spend time with my family.  Of course, I would love to run well, but I’ve removed expectations from the race, and my only goal is to have fun.

I’m still formulating plans and goals for the summer, but the summer is the time for enjoying local races in the community.

Questions for you:

Have you ever not met expectations for a training cycle?

Have you been to Atlantic City? 

April Fools Half Marathon (1:24.04)

This race was the culmination of my late Winter and Early Spring training.  I was aiming to PR and seek revenge on the half marathon that crushed me two weeks ago.  After the weather had been announced for Atlantic City, I knew to adjust my time goal of PRing accordingly.

The weather at Shamrock was terrible: rainy, windy and cold.  The weather for Atlantic City was a different kind of terrible: gusty, gusty and gusty.  They forecasted 50 mph headwinds, and we got them.

Shamrock took away a lot of confidence in distance racing and left me with the question: had I PRed for the year at Carlsbad? Was I done?

The race also left me with a very tight hamstring that I noticeably felt for last two weeks. Even with a deep tissue massage, I skipped two weeks of workouts. It never hurt but was noticeably tight after about 10 miles.

I had to no idea to expect with the weather and my hamstring.   I arrived to Atlantic City late Saturday evening. My husband and I hung out at the Resorts Casino before heading to bed around 9.

On Sunday morning, the race start was delayed due to traffic.  Instead of being blown away, my father and law and I hung out in the casino.  It was warm and we chatted with a few locals.


I didn’t fully believe I was about to run a half marathon.  It’s like I hadn’t come to terms with racing.  I was cold, wearing a thrift 90s sweater and about to blow away.  Still the race horn blew, and we were off.April Fools half marathon

The first mile was hilarious at best.  I saw the elite males take off and being blown around like a pinball machine.  I found myself running near my friend Mike.  We chatted and decided our goals were similar.

Luckily there was a cluster of dudes, and we hit the first mile in 6:27.  It seemed like a lofty goal to maintain that pace.  I didn’t know how my hamstring would react to the race, and the buildings hid most of the wind the first mile.

April fools half

The second two miles were similar.  The wind was whipping us around the boardwalk.  It wasn’t a headwind or a tailwind; it was just wind from every direction.
Wind under my feet…
Wind over my feet…
There was problem wind going vertically too…

There were several points where sand blew into my eyes and into my contacts. We ran the second mile in 6:29 and the 3rd mile in 6:33.  My ultimate goal was to run faster than Shamrock.  I was happy with those splits.  I had let go of a PR goal, but I wanted to redeem myself from Shamrock, and I wanted to win.

The winds were rougher in Atlantic City, but it wasn’t pouring rain.  It was equally as cold though (The April Fools half was similar to running in Fort Story during Shamrock…just doing it the entire time).

We left the boardwalk and ran in the street of Ventnor City.  It was a desolate no man’s land.

But why would the streets be crowded?  It was cold, windy and unpleasant to be outside.  I wouldn’t want to be cheering runners at 8:30 am. I was grateful the volunteers showed up. 

I made my goal to get to the halfway and reevaluate how I felt.  Mike said: “here we are fighting for a place or two, and some people are hoping to finish their first half marathon today.”  It’s all about perspective.  Mike is a machine who Pred at Shamrock two weeks ago and is running Boston in two more weeks.

We went through both mile 4 and 5 in 6:39.  Those two miles were two of the windiest.  Plus knowing we had a long way is always terrifying.

I hit the 10k in 40:51.  I quickly calculated that it would be about 1:22 for 12.4 miles and probably on pace for a 1:26…something like that but mentally it gave me hope to hold on.  I didn’t feel bad, but I knew the grit would be after 10 miles.

We made the halfway turn and went right back where we came from.  I was feeling better than anticipated.  I knew my hamstring wouldn’t act up until mile 10.  I decided to press the pace and see what happened.

I ran mile 7 in 6:30.  I began to think: I can do this.  I can run fast.  Then I realized, don’t be an idiot…it’s mile 7 of 13.1.

april fools

I began to see my friends running in the opposite direction.  They cheered, and I cheered back.  Seeing other people racers is motivating to me.  I try to cheer for others when they cheer back.  I’m a race talker at heart.

Mile 8 brought me my first confidence boost.  I was paying so much attention to others; I had clicked through another mile without noticing.  I was shocked to see 6:17.

I thought: alright 5 to go.  Mile 9 went back onto the windy boardwalk.  I found myself alone and the wind off the ocean was brutal.More sand blew in my eyes and face.  Never the less, I hit mile 9 in 6:13 and mile 10 in 6:10.  I couldn’t believe how strong I felt despite the wind.  At one point, I thought someone had clipped me, but it was a crosswind under my feet.

My 10-mile split was exactly 1:05 and I made it my goal to finish under 1:25.

I remember the final 5k of the April Fools Half two years ago very well. A faster woman and I were running stride for stride until she broke me around mile 12.  I remember depleting myself more than I ever had before in 2014.

This year, I focused on each mile, one at a time.  The last 3 miles were also the unknown.

Would my hamstring hold up?  

Would a woman come up from behind? 

Why did I even want to win so badly? 

Why was I having a conversation with myself instead of focusing on the race?

I now had a lead cyclist guiding me down the boardwalk.

I noticed I was approaching a male around mile 11.  We were in the open wind with no buildings to block the cross wind.  I was nearly blown over several times.  I didn’t hear my watch go off for mile 11, but I ran a 6:20.

I keep thinking: Two miles to go.  You can do it.  I was still wearing my long sleeve sweater, and I decided to delayer it.

atlantic city half running

I never expected to run with it that long but the wind was so nasty, I didn’t want a repeat of shamrock and freezing at the end.  I delayered the sweater around mile 12, and it was the last I saw of my favorite sweater.

The final mile was a blur.  A police motorcycle joined the cyclist and me and was honking to indicate I was the first woman.  It was an exciting moment.  I focused on making it to the finish line and not fearing I would be outkicked again.

The mile markers had been off, so the distance between mile 12 and the finish was more like 1.35.  Believe me; I felt every extra portion of the quarter of a mile.

I kept thinking the race end was just around the corner.  Because of the high winds, they did not have the jumbo shoot out to see the finish line.  There was a gathering of people blocking the boardwalk, so I assumed that was the finish line.

You can see there was a lot of headwind here

You can see there was a lot of headwind here

They announced my name as I crossed the finish line and I was greeted by mother and law as well as husband.  I finished with a 6:09 final mile and crossed the line in 1:24.04.

April Fools half

This race was rejuvenating for me.  Not because I won or because it was my third fastest half marathon in miserable conditions.

atlantic city half running 1

During Shamrock, I fell hard during the race.  I let negative thoughts penetrate my mind and mentally gave up. During the April Fools half marathon, I focused on the positives of the race and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.  I didn’t let the wind let me down.  I negative split the race by about 2 minutes and finished feeling good.

My husband bringing me all of my things...

My husband bringing me all of my things…

Despite weather conditions, the April Fools half marathon is still one of my favorite races.  It’s well put together and well organized and I had a great time.

I don’t think I mentioned, but my hamstring never affected me and two days after the race it hasn’t acted up.  As I mentioned with my training log, I went to see Dr. Kemenosh and his team on Friday.  They found some knots in my hips, similar to my bum butt injury after my marathon.  I also went again on Tuesday, and they released smaller knots.  I do believe tight hips and glutes were the sources of my hamstring problem.  With that, I am healthy again.

race_1757_photo_32910083 (1)

What’s next?

I don’t have any major races until Broad Street 10 miler on May 1st.  I’ll hop into a few local races, but I don’t have anything on my radar.

What’s Going On?

Life…life is going on!

It’s hard to believe it’s now April.  

As usual, I’m boring, working and living the adulthood dream.  My husband and I went on a nice date the other night and even looked appropriate outside of running clothes.  Who knew that could happen?

tim and I

It’s an April miracle!

Last weekend my in-laws came into town for the April Fools half marathon.  My father in law has been running well and wanted to do the April Fools half marathon.  I was so excited to tell you about it, I mischeduled my post for Sunday.  Typical me…not paying attention and failing at blogging.  A lot of humor happened at the half, including him accidently forgetting to sign up for the race, me forgetting racing clothing and of course, like everyone else suffering through the wind.

While it was sunny, it was actually really cold.

While it was sunny, it was actually really cold

The wind knocked down several trees and lights this weekend.  After January and February being nice months, March and the start of April have been rougher, weather wise.

wind atlantic city

Other than that, I haven’t been up to a lot outside of work.  We’ve had a few changes at my job as well as my volunteer work, so I’ve been on the go.  Maybe a little bit too much?  April and May will be the busy season for me.

Running life:

I don’t have any goal races coming up in April.  My primary goal is to become and stay healthy.  My next (major) race will be the Broad Street 10 miler on May 1st.  I’ll jump into 5ks before then but no major races.  The majority of April will be dedicated to running healthy and building a base.

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I’m writing a few more posts about the runnings store and running in general so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Questions for you:
What have you been up to lately?
Do you have any goal races (like Boston!) coming up?

Training: Hamstrings and Wind Part 2

Training this week:

To cut straight to the point, my hamstring has been affecting me.  It’s been about two weeks now, and it’s been a noticeable tightness in my leg.  Now that I don’t have the April Fools half marathon looming over me, I feel like I can relax and figure out what’s going.  The problem is, I don’t quite know what is going on and I can’t pinpoint an exact location pain.  It doesn’t hurt but it’s definitely tight.

I already went to Dr. Kemenosh before the April Fools half marathon, and one of the associates found a few trigger points in my hips.  These are similar trigger points that led to my bum butt as well as my hamstring.  Dr. Kemenosh and team has made me very aware that my left hip is a weak area for me.  On Friday, they worked on my hips and found a few knots in my glutes and hips.  I felt much better after I left but I didn’t know how it would affect Sunday’s race.

What I know:

My hamstring never hurts but is noticeably tight after 9+ miles or about an hour and a half.  It hasn’t been a sharp pain, but I do know it’s not torn or ripped.  It feels tight as if the muscle is very tense.  It hasn’t affected my stride and I would have shut running down immediately if it did. 

So where to start with last week?

Monday: Easy run + deep tissue massage
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Easy run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Shakeout run
Sunday: Aril Fools half marathon (1:24.04)

Thoughts of actual training:

This was the second week I cut out a workout and opted for a Wednesday run.  I knew after Wednesday and skipping my speed work; my primary goal was to make it to Atlantic City and then figure out what’s going on.  After my visit with Dr. Kemonosh and his team, I do believe my issue is more related to the glutes/hips which are pulling at my hamstring.


April Fools Half Marathon (1:24.04):

I’ll have a full recap soon, but it was the windiest race I’ve ever done.  There were many gusts up to 50 MPH.  It never felt like there was a headwind or tailwind but wind from all directions.  At one point, the wind nearly knocked me over and was blowing me sideways like a pinball machine.  It did, however, build a lot of confidence for me.  atlantic city half running

My primary goal was to finish injury free, and my secondary goal was to improve upon Shamrock half marathon.  While it was windier, there wasn’t rain.  I also ran a much smarter race and negative split by almost 2 minutes.  It left me feeling a lot better because I finished with no hamstring tightness and had a surprisingly good race.

I do think going to see Dr. Kemonosh and team relieved a lot of tension in my hip.  Right now nothing hurts again, but I’m still going to be smart this week.  If that means skipping another workout or adding more rest days…it’s better safe than sorry.  It’s hard to pinpoint the pain because it’s not a broken bone or a tear.  Typing this out, my hamstring doesn’t feel any better or worse after the race.  I feel exactly the same as if I didn’t run the race.

Questions for you:

Do you have any weak areas?

How was your workout week? 

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