Training: Hamstrings and Wind Part 2

Training this week:

To cut straight to the point, my hamstring has been affecting me.  It’s been about two weeks now, and it’s been a noticeable tightness in my leg.  Now that I don’t have the April Fools half marathon looming over me, I feel like I can relax and figure out what’s going.  The problem is, I don’t quite know what is going on and I can’t pinpoint an exact location pain.  It doesn’t hurt but it’s definitely tight.

I already went to Dr. Kemenosh before the April Fools half marathon, and one of the associates found a few trigger points in my hips.  These are similar trigger points that led to my bum butt as well as my hamstring.  Dr. Kemenosh and team has made me very aware that my left hip is a weak area for me.  On Friday, they worked on my hips and found a few knots in my glutes and hips.  I felt much better after I left but I didn’t know how it would affect Sunday’s race.

What I know:

My hamstring never hurts but is noticeably tight after 9+ miles or about an hour and a half.  It hasn’t been a sharp pain, but I do know it’s not torn or ripped.  It feels tight as if the muscle is very tense.  It hasn’t affected my stride and I would have shut running down immediately if it did. 

So where to start with last week?

Monday: Easy run + deep tissue massage
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Easy run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Shakeout run
Sunday: Aril Fools half marathon (1:24.04)

Thoughts of actual training:

This was the second week I cut out a workout and opted for a Wednesday run.  I knew after Wednesday and skipping my speed work; my primary goal was to make it to Atlantic City and then figure out what’s going on.  After my visit with Dr. Kemonosh and his team, I do believe my issue is more related to the glutes/hips which are pulling at my hamstring.


April Fools Half Marathon (1:24.04):

I’ll have a full recap soon, but it was the windiest race I’ve ever done.  There were many gusts up to 50 MPH.  It never felt like there was a headwind or tailwind but wind from all directions.  At one point, the wind nearly knocked me over and was blowing me sideways like a pinball machine.  It did, however, build a lot of confidence for me.  atlantic city half running

My primary goal was to finish injury free, and my secondary goal was to improve upon Shamrock half marathon.  While it was windier, there wasn’t rain.  I also ran a much smarter race and negative split by almost 2 minutes.  It left me feeling a lot better because I finished with no hamstring tightness and had a surprisingly good race.

I do think going to see Dr. Kemonosh and team relieved a lot of tension in my hip.  Right now nothing hurts again, but I’m still going to be smart this week.  If that means skipping another workout or adding more rest days…it’s better safe than sorry.  It’s hard to pinpoint the pain because it’s not a broken bone or a tear.  Typing this out, my hamstring doesn’t feel any better or worse after the race.  I feel exactly the same as if I didn’t run the race.

Questions for you:

Do you have any weak areas?

How was your workout week?