Training: Octopus and Surprise 5 Milers

This was another great week of training.  I bounced back from my four miler and was able to get quality miles while adjusting to the heat.   On a personal level, I hope we can wait about a month for the rise in temperatures.  I want to squeeze out a few solid races and then afterwards, the 80+ temperatures can come.  It’s not like I’m going to the Olympics, so I don’t have any goal races this summer.  I look forward to just relaxing and enjoying the warmth….

Monday: Easy run
Tuesday: Easy run
Wednesday: 4m warmup, 6.5-mile tempo (6:24), cooldown 5 miles
Thursday: Easy run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Leperchaun 5 Miler (30:37) 6:09 average
Sunday: Easy run
Total:  73 miles

Workout Wednesday:

If you recall, the previous week I didn’t have a great tempo run.  The weather and lingering sickness played a role in that.  It was a workout I was glad to accomplish but one I don’t want to remember.

This week I repeated the tempo and was almost 15 seconds faster per mile which is significant.  I’m much happier with it.

Last week: 6.5 miles average 6:39 vs. this week: 6.5 miles average 6:25

tempo run

Saturday’s Race:

I planned to race on Sunday, however, there weren’t enough hours in the day, and I couldn’t make it to Freehold for the 8k I initially wanted.  The races I wanted to do were sold out, and I didn’t think I would race last weekend.  On Friday night, my husband and I discovered the Leprechaun Run in Philadephia.  The race wasn’t on an optimal day for training that week, and we had eaten a lot.

We both thought it would still be a good workout and went over.  In summary, I ran a 5:56, 6:05, 6:10, 6:12, 6:14 race which wasn’t bad for how I was feeling.  My time was 30:37.  My legs were tired, and I felt all of the octopus I ate from the night before.  I’m pleased with the time, and it gives me an extra day to rest before Shamrock.

me running 1


This was a good week of training for me.  I do believe I am in the fitness to run a 30:00 5 miler if I taper for it.  I also believe if the race were a 10k, I would have been able to finish below 38 minutes under the same conditions.  The week was motivating.  This week I’ll head into easier runs and taper before running Shamrock half marathon this Sunday.

I’m looking forward to seeing people, so let me know if you’ll be there!

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite food?
Mine is Octopus…
How was your week of training?  What was your favorite workout?