Saucony Kinvara 6 Review

Recently I decided to try out the popular Saucony Kinvara.  My Saucony Zealots needed to be replaced, and the Saucony Kinvara was a lighter but comparable option.  The Kinvara is one of Saucony’s most popular shoes but not a shoe I tried until recently.

Saucony Kinvara review

I was not asked to review the shoe, but I wanted too.  Remember what works for my feet might not work for yours since every foot is different.

This is my first review of any Saucony Kinvara.  I have not tried the previous models, so I am only speaking from experience with the Saucony Kinvara 6.  It’s harder to start this way since I have nothing to compare the shoe too!

The Fit:
In running shoes, I generally wear a size 9.5 wide or a 10.  The Saucony Kinvara 6 fits true to size, and I opted for a size 10.  I have more full, foot, and the 10 was ok.  The top is breathable and doesn’t hug my feet too tight.

Saucony Kinvara Review

Running in the Shoes:
I’ve run just over 100 miles in them.   Saucony uses Powergrid in the Kinvara 6 which makes the Kinvara a more responsive ride.  It’s a light weight shoe and has a four-millimeter offset.  Those running in the shoe get about the same amount of miles as previous versions since the bottom of the shoe is very similar.

Saucony Kinvara Review

Something to note about the shoe, as with any minimal shoe, is they don’t last as long.  The Saucony Kinvara is light weight and uses fewer materials.  That is the kiss of death because the light weight and responsiveness of the shoe are what makes it attractive.  However, the lightweight property of the shoe also causes it to last less time.  Traditional running shoes last about 400 miles.  From working at the store, I can say customer feedback on the Kinvara says they last about 250. At 100 miles, I can tell they are fading faster than other more traditional shoes.


  • Light weight but still cushioned
  • $100 retail value (inexpensive compared to similar models)


  • Since the shoe is light weight, it does not last as long as a traditional running shoe.

Similar models: Nike Pegasus, Saucony Zealot, Brooks Launch or even Brooks Pureflow (Possibly those who have fallen to the RIP of the Brooks PureConnect too)

Verdict: So far, I like the shoe.  I haven’t had any issues with it.  That being said, I don’t think I would do all of my runs in it because I would go through at least one pair a month and it doesn’t have enough cushion.  For the majority of my running, I like to have a shoe with a little bit more cushioned (which for me is the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 ).

Recommend for: A neutral runner who is looking for a responsive light weight shoe.

Post workout a few weeks ago
Post workout a few weeks ago

The good news is the Saucony Kinvara 7 is coming out in a few weeks so the Saucony Kinvara 6 should be on sale.

In case you wondered my current shoe rotation:
Saucony Triumph ISO 2: majority of my miles
Saucony Kinvara: warm up and cool down miles, occasional shorter mid-week run
Saucony A6: Races
Nike Pegasus: once a week

Here is a brief post about the importance of changing shoes as well.

Questions for you:
Have you run in the Saucony Kinvara before?
What is your favorite running shoe?


  1. I have been running in Kinvara’s since the K2 and love them. They definitely last more than 250 miles, perhaps 400. I had issues w/ the K5s wearing hole on the top near my big toe but have had not problems with the K6 in this regard. These shoes cost less than 70 dollars at the NEX/AAFES, Runner’s Warehouse or Road Runner.

  2. i have the kinvara 5s right now, LOVE them, but yes, i’m about 250 miles in and they are kinda losing their bounce. I’m going to just use them on easy slow running days to get the most miles i can out of them. but i usually race in the shoe, so if the 6s go on sale soon, that will most likely be my spring racing shoe of choice! All my pr’s have happened in the Kinvaras, so i guess i’m a little superstitious now

  3. The manager at CCR loves the kinvara. I’ve tried wearing it around the store before while I’m working and it didn’t have enough cushioning for me, which is surprising coming from a mizuno. In general though I don’t usually love Saucony. They just fit my feet so strangely. People do love the Kinvara though and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the shoe.

  4. I haven’t tried any Saucony shoes before, but the A6s I ordered are supposed to arrive tonight! I’m glad you included a link to your review of them in this post, reading it made me even more excited for my new shoes.

    1. I think you’ll really like the A6. I’ve run through two pairs now and am going to buy my third. I’ve never had an issue and I’ve run a lot of miles in them. They are a great racing flat, let me know what you think Heather!

  5. I haven’t seen that color in the Kinvara 6 before. Where did you get it?

  6. This is perfect because as I mentioned yesterday in my post I’m considering switching to the Kinvara. I think I’m going to wait until the 7 comes out though just to try that, especially since you mentioned it’s more durable. But your review here has definitely sold me – lightweight and neutral are what I need!
    Question – do you race half marathons in the A6?

    1. I do race halves in the A6. I also have a unique stride that I’ve been lucky to get away with it. I would definitely recommend working very slowly into it if you do go that route!

  7. I love the Kinvara! I’ve been wearing them for years and I can’t wait for the 7s to come out.

  8. I have a pair of these and like them for the most part! I wear the Brooks Pure Flows so the man at the store recommended these as being similar. Wearing these though really made me love my Pure Flows even more! Haha. For me I’ve had issues with my toes rubbing together during longer runs with these which is weird because it has a wider toe box than the Pure Flows.

  9. This is really helpful because I am trying to find something to replace my beloved Pure Connects! I have never run in any kind of Saucony shoes, so I have no idea what to expect. But based on what you said this could definitely be a good option!

  10. I’ve never tried a Saucony shoe. After trying many shoes, I like the Nike pegasus. They are really bouncy and they encourage me to run more.

  11. its a very pretty color too, looks like pool water. i really like the lightweight shoes but you are right they dont last nearly as long which kinda stinks since they can be a bit pricey.,

  12. I just can’t get behind the Kinvara. I did a lot of my Chicago training in them and when we got the Zealot, I switched to that because I felt like the sole was a little stiffer and preferable (to me) for the marathon distance. Now when I go back to the Kinvara, my calves and postibialis gets upset again. I’m disappointed because I did truly enjoy the Kinvara before the switch!

  13. My feet unfortunately aren’t fans of Saucony shoes. I am currently obsessed with Brooks Glycerin. I’m on my third pair of Glycerins and love everything about them.

  14. I haven’t tried this shoe but have thought about trying them, as it seems like the kind of shoe I usually run in (performance neutral). Plus the color of yours looks awesome- I may have to try these on the next time I’m in Fleet Feet.

  15. I am a big big fan of the kinvara – I am still in the 5 because I always stock up when the newer model comes out and am one behind! As you said they do wear pretty quick. I typically run about 30 – 40 miles a week so that isn’t awful for me but I do always have 2 pairs to rotate through. Side note after reading your reviews I tried the triumph iso – and love right out of the box! Felt weird at first since I wear the kinvara’s a lot but my feet loved them on the run.

  16. Love, love, love the Kinvara. I prefer a shoe with more cushioning for everyday running so I save it for speedwork and racing. I’m supposed to be getting a pair of 7s soon! 🙂

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