Training: Turkey TrotX2 and 71 Miles

Last week for training was a good week. Since I did a local turkey trot on Thursday, I skipped my usual speed workout. I’ve skipped speed workouts the last two weeks due to midweek races.

Monday: Easy Run and Deep Tissue Massage
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Turkey Trot 5k (18:48)
Friday: Easy Run with Tim
Saturday: Turkey Trot (2) 19:24
Sunday: 15 mile long run
Total: 71


I think I recovered a lot faster from the Philadelphia half marathon than normal.  I didn’t feel as if I reached my full running potential that day and my legs were less sore. The race felt hard but it felt more of a workout but I can’t complain about a quick recovery. My easy runs were easy this week and there is nothing too interesting about those. On why running streaks don’t work for meTuesday I needed rest. I also wrote a post of why running streaks don’t work for me, personally.

Thursday Turkey trot: I’ll recap this next week. While I felt decent, I still felt the half. I was surprised that I ran an 18:48. My calves felt tight. I think on a good day and with good conditions I am ready to PR. My splits were 5:59, 6:04, 6:11. My tight calves definitely held me back the last mile.  My goal was to run faster than my first 5k of the half and I successfully did that. medford colony turkey trot

Saturday Turkey Trot: In summary, I took this race out too fast. My body normally feels the most sore two days after a race. I knew it would be painful but the race was a mile from work, went to a great cause and I thought why not? I ran a 5:54, 6:07, 6:24. It was my fastest timed mile in over a year but my body could not keep that pace. I felt like I was crawling the last mile.  Two months ago my crawling pace was 60-90 seconds slower so that was motivating.

Today I also ran my longest run in about 3 months. To be honest, this might have been my scariest “workout” in a while. I haven’t run that long in forever. Since my normal runs are between 10-11, I definitely felt the last four miles.  It was good to get a maintenance run in and it flew by.


I’m really excited to get back to normal training again. The last two weeks have been nuts because of the holidays and midweek races. My 5k on Thursday showed me I’m close to PRing again. I didn’t feel great and still ran an 18:48. Next week I plan to get back into a few mile repeats!

Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
Did you run any turkey trots?

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  1. You had an amazing week! I think everyone went out too fast at Saturday’s race. I’m not sure how you managed to pull off 15 today. I will be lucky if I make it 5!

  2. Nice mileage with two races this week! I’m looking forward to getting back into “real” training now, too.

  3. Awesome week! Two races and a long run… Dang.
    I hope the mile repeats go well for you next week! I bet you’ll PR before the year is out. Crazy!

  4. Congratulations on your races and long run! It looks like you had a quick recovery from philly and I bet you will PR a 5K soon. I hope your Thanksgiving was great and that cooking the turkey went well too :).

  5. I took the week off after running the Philly Marathon…so I volunteered my time to take photos for Maine Running Photos at our local 5k Gasping Gobbler! 🙂 Congrats on your running and mileage!

  6. That’s really exciting that you were able to run such a great 5k even not feeling 100%! I would definitely take that as a good sign 🙂 I didn’t run an official turkey trot, but I did a race from a running store where I got a $25 gift card for running 5 miles so I was pretty darn pleased with that!

  7. Nice job!!! I’m so jelly you get to run all those 5ks. I’m hoping to get one in by the end of the year but it’s tough!!! Great week for you and looking forward to the first 5k recap!

  8. nice time for so close after a half marathon. i did a virtual turkey trot but since my running coach’s instructions were not to full out race I didnt have my best ever time but it was great to get a run in before eating all the thanksgiving food!

  9. All good things here! I recovered surprisingly quickly from Philly too–that means we were either super in shape … or we didn’t run to our potential on race day … or maybe a little of both. This is my first week of official and structured 2016 base building–let’s get it!

  10. My last week of training consisted of 50k recovery. I finally got a longer run in Sunday (you might be a distance runner if you say I ONLY got to run 9 miles today. Ha!) I can’t wait to get back into a training routine beginning of January. December is always a little weird for me lol I didn’t get in ANY turkey trots (thank you 50k of trail) but I’m planning on a reindeer run and a resolution run for the first time! I’m excited to start the year off running! 71 miles… You’re freaking incredible by the way!

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