Hollywood Diner and Cafe

A few weeks ago, Angela and I were able to meet at the Hollywood Diner and Cafe in Woodbury.  We arrived there around the lunch hour.

Image via United Diner Website
Image via United Diner Website

When driving down the NJ a turnpike you can see the Hollywood Diner between exits 2-3.  However, it’s much easier to get there from 295.
Angela and I

Angela and I have also reviewed the PB Diner and Tap Room. 

Atmosphere: A 
The Hollywood Diner is owned by the same owners as the Phily diner.  It’s clear they are both same owners from the layout and design.  There are a couple of old cars located inside.  The restaurant is separated from the sports bar.  The bar is on one side and a diner on the other.  You walk in next to an old corvette and their bakery and dessert case.

Service: A 
The waitress was extremely friendly and gave recommendations.  She always made sure we had plenty of refills, even after we finished our meals.

Coffee: C 
The coffee felt extremely watered down.  Typically I can’t tell if the coffee is watered down but this was apparent.  It could have just been a bad pot but it wasn’t that strong.  The whipped cream was good and there were plenty of refills but the coffee wasn’t great.

Hollywood diner coffee

Food: B
The Hollywood Diner has a lot of different options and specialities.  They have all of the breakfast options from eggs and pancakes to diner staples. I was surprised they didn’t have a lot of steak and seafood but I’ve been to too many overwhelming diner menus lately.  They also had a lot of $9.99 lunch specials.

With the recommendation of our waitress, I ordered their “Greek chicken speciality”.  It was essentially a chicken with a side Greek salad and soup.  It was good.  I wish the portions were a little larger, but it was a luncheon special.  It was pretty oily and I found myself surprisingly full.

Hollywood diner special

Cost: $
My Greek special and coffee were $12.  That’s the cheapest I’ve spent at a diner in a while.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 
I thought the diner atmosphere was awesome and the food was decent,  I wouldn’t mind eventually coming back.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: C
Food: B
Cost: 10-15
Overall: B

Questions for you: 
What us your favorite classic car? 
Do you like your waiter/waitress to give recommendations? 

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  1. That place looks amazing!! I do like to get recommendations from the wait staff. When I worked at Village Inn they would always have an evening where we got to try all the food so that we knew what it all tasted like for that reason.

    1. I agree Amy! It’s similar as I work at a running store and tried every shoe so I know the general feeling. It’s nice when any staff is really knowledgeable!

  2. I am glad we got to hang out! I am also glad that wearing this outfit is socially acceptable when I hang out with you!

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