Grapes and Peaches 10k (40:55)

On Sunday I ran the Run the Vineyards 10k.  It was a cross-country style course that went through both grape and peach vineyards.  After working a local cross-country race the day before, I was really excited to run my own, I miss cross country races!

My husband and I got to the race around 8 am. We warmed up and got to the race start at 8:55.  The weather was beautiful and definitely the best weather we have had in a while.  I met up with personal friends Angela and Brittany at the start too.

Once the race started Angela, Brittany and I found ourselves running together.  The first mile was definitely the hardest terrain wise. There was a lot of sand, dirt and small rolling hills. There were also a lot of twists and turns. We ran the first mile in 6:48.

run the vineyards

After the first mile I found my grove.  I felt strong.  I focused on avoiding the potholes and running the tangents well.  There were a lot of course turns.  By the second mile, Angela and I were alone running side by side.  We ran the second mile in 6:30.

My goal of the third mile was just to get through it.  In any race I feel much more motivated after the halfway point. I continued to power through mile 3.  There was a bit of sand and dirt but luckily I avoided them.  I ran the third mile in 6:37.

run the vineyards 5

During the fourth mile, I found myself as first women overall.  It was short lived and Angela accompanied by a cyclist powered by me like I was standing still.  There was no way I could keep up with them!  I focused on myself and trying to stay motivated.  I watched as they both got further and further away.  Being dropped is never fun but I ran the fourth mile in 6:34.

run the vineyards 2

During mile 5 we headed directly back into the Vineyards! I loved running near and around the peaches.  The cyclist turned off the course and we headed deep into the Vineyard.  I saw the race director, Ken, and he signaled only one final straightaway.  I hit mile 6 in 6:37.

run the vineyards 1

The finish went through a straight orchard and it was by far the coolest finish I’ve had in a while.  I finished in 40:55 and 2nd women overall.  Angela finished first and Brittany finished third.  It’s always cool to go 1-3 with people you know!

run the vineyards 3

run the vineyards 6
Ignore my eyes are awkwardly closed


This was a really good race for me.  To be honest, this would have been a great time for me if it was all roads but on a cross-country course I can’t be happier with it. I ran a 45:40 at the Flag Day trail 10k course earlier in the summer so I’m making progress!  I’m happy to see small improvements in my running and can’t wait to keep racing.

I also want to make note that this was one of the best and most well organized races I’ve ever participated in. Run the Vineyards also includes free race photos. The course was extremely well marked (there was paint on the ground with arrows throughout the entire way).  It’s a series of races through NJ/PA so if you like wine or cross country style races….I would recommend it.  I plan to do more as well.

Questions for you:
Do you like cross country and trail races?
What is your favorite type of wine?
Personally I like dry red wine.