July Training

Outside of training, the month of July wasn’t the most exciting or best month for me. In running, however, it was a great month of training.  In fact, July was the best month of training I have had in 2 years.

Even with integrating speed workouts in, the month went very smoothly.  I couldn’t have asked for a better month!

haddon heights 5k
Firecracker 5k

Miles: 296 (my highest mileage month in a very long time)
Paces: 5:59-12:05-untimed

Firecracker 5k (19:15)
Belmar 5 miler (33:04)
Community Heros 5k (20:20)
Run for the Hill of it 5 miler (34:40)

Best Race: Firecracker 5k

Favorite training run: 

My track workouts were all fun.  I think my first track workout was my favorite because it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I realized I don’t mind the track too much!

Appropriate foot on track post workout pose
Appropriate foot on track post workout pose

I had a lot of fun runs with friends as well.

Kevin and I

kara and I


In summary, July got me out of my training rut.  I’ve been maximizing speed workouts to get back to where I was.

Two summers ago when I moved to Texas, I stopped racing.  I claimed racing is my “speed workout” but in reality I was only racing once a month if that.  I wasn’t doing speed workouts and I wasn’t doing speed by racing.  I was running slow easy miles all of the time and in time that made me race shorter distances slower.  While I have raced occasionally in the last two years, I was not racing like when I was set my PRs.

Now I’m slowly getting back into the same shape I was in two years ago.  I did not lose my speed in a week and I won’t gain it back in a month.  I want to keep consistently doing the speed and training I am doing.  I am beginning to feel confident with two workouts a week.

August Goals:

August 22: Belmar Chase 5k
I would like to find a few more races but I haven’t looked into them yet.  I know they are out there.  I’ll continue to add layers of workouts and mileage.

Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is the biggest helpful change you’ve made to help your fitness?   (anything from food to sleep to life to training…)