Delaware Kids Fund 5k (21:33)

On Saturday I ran the Delaware Kids Fund 5k.  I haven’t run in Delaware since January.

I knew this race was not going to be strong for two reasons:

  • I’ve added a second speed workout (the track) to my training. My body can feel it and it’s tired.
  • The race was in a hilly area. It wasn’t flat at all.

I got to the race around 7:30. I easily signed up and then warmed up. I didn’t know anyone at the race.  I warmed up a couple of miles sola and explored the hills in the area.

After the race started, I immediately found myself as third women where I stayed the entire time. The first mile made a sharp turn and went up a large hill. I thought that was the extent of the hill climbing but I was wrong.

We continued to climb a hill. I ran the first mile in 6:27.  I knew my body was in for a pain train type of race.  The adrenaline kept me moving quickly despite the terrain being difficult.

The second mile went into a park. There were a few short hills but nothing like the first mile. I ran with a pack of several men.  I almost missed the halfway because it was a small cone but luckily the men in front knew what they were doing.

I hit the second mile in 6:41.

delaware race

Since the course was out and back, I knew the third mile was going to be hard. It did not disappoint. We ran up the hills from the beginning of the race. I like out and back courses because I am able to see what is coming. There are no surprises! I ran the last mile in 7:01.  During the last mile, I felt as if I was climbing hills like in cross country.  They were steep.

I crossed the finish in 21:33 and 3rd female overall.  My garmin logged a 3.25 but I have no idea if I didn’t run the tangents well.  It was a personal worst for me, however, I’m in the meat of training. I’m currently doing 2 speed workouts a week. I race every weekend and I know that some races will be more of a workout then a PR. I’m okay with that. With the course and my current training state, I am happy with my race results.

Don’t get me wrong, logging my slowest race in years stinks but I know that is a reality with racing every weekend.  They all cannot be PRs!

Questions for you:

Do you prefer out and back or loop race courses?

What was the last race you ran that put you back in your place?