Training: Track and Trip to Delaware

This week was another great week for me. I managed to get a track workout as well as a race. Today I also ran with the famous Kris.

Monday: 10 miles easy with fast finish
Tuesday: 10 miles easy
Wednesday: 12X400s average 87
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 10 miles with Tim
Saturday: Delaware Kids Fund 5k (21:33)
Sunday:  10 miles with Kris (8:15 pace)
 Total:  64 miles


This was another solid week of training for me. I had two workouts and a long run. Right now I’m in the “meat” of training for the Belmar Chase 5k.

Wednesday I did another set of 12X400s with one minute standing rest.

12X400s average 87

I was slower than last week but it was a lot hotter plus my body is beginning to absorb the speed work as well. I’m very pleased with how the speed work went.

I’m going to continue to do 400s this month. It’s boring but I’m able to gauge my progress and fitness. I haven’t done speed work in a very long time so any speed work is better then none.

On Thursday I needed rest. Luckily for me it was also 95+degrees so it was the perfect day to relax and rest.

On Saturday I raced the “Delaware Kids Fund Race”. I knew it was not going to a fast race. In fact I thought it might be a personal worst and it was! It was a race that put me into my place.

delaware race

It was a smart decision to back off the speed versus forcing my body to run at a pace I was not comfortable at. The addition of a second speed day (the track) has caused my body to be more tired. I’m at the point of training that I feel worse before I feel better. I am happy with how the race went for where I am and have no complaints. 

On Sunday I ran a long run with the famous Kris L. Kris has been one of good friends for a couple of years now so it is always great to catch up with her. She is training for the Philadelphia marathon.

Hashtag adorable.
Hashtag adorable.

Goals for next week:

I plan to continue running and training consistently. I know I’m in a plateau and with consistency; I will break out of it. I enjoy speed work and going to the track as well as racing as much as possible. 

Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
Is your area hilly?
Where I live in NJ is flat but I can drive almost any directions and find hills. Philadelphia, Delaware and Northern NJ are all rather hilly.