Training: Track and Trails

This week begins a more interesting part of training. This week I began formal speed work!

Monday: 10 miles easy
Tuesday: 10 miles fast finish
Wednesday: 12 400s average 87
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 10 miles easy
Saturday:  Run for the Hill of it Trail 5m (34:40)
Sunday: 14 miles with my coworker
 Total:  67 miles


On Monday and Tuesday I ran similar runs. I kept my base miles easy. On Tuesday I finished with a “fast finish”. On my personal “fast finish” runs, I like to end with the last mile about 1 minute faster than the overall pace.  It keeps the run more interesting and focusing on the important aspect of the race!

On Wednesday I went to the track for the first time in a very long time. My track workout experience is limited. In all honesty it’s almost nonexistent. I’ve only been to the track 5 times for workouts during my entire running experience. When I was doing formal speed work, I choose tempos.

My body is now able (knock on wood) to handle 2 days of speed right now so I opted for a track workout.

I did 12X400s with 1 minute standing rest in between. My average was 87 seconds for each, which ends up being 5:45 pace.

Appropriate foot on track post workout pose
Appropriate foot on track post workout pose


I was pleasantly surprised with this workout. I was more surprised that I enjoyed it a lot! I’m glad I am getting out of comfort zone and doing speed work.

On Thursday I needed rest. Thursdays have become my tradition to walk to a local coffee shop during my run time. I enjoy chatting with the barista and just relaxing. The last two Thursdays have been nice to do that but if it gets too hot then I’ll drive. 😉

On Saturday I ran the “Run for the Hill of it” trail race in Philadelphia.  It was a lot harder course than anticipated but I had a great time with Kara!  Plus I found the Wissahickon state park and I will definitely be back for trail and hill training!

kara and I

On Sunday I ran 14.5 miles with my coworker and friend who is training for the Chicago marathon.  I have been enjoying running with others because it makes the miles fly.

anita and i

Next week:

I’m honestly not sure my plans. I might do a 5k in Super South NJ. I know I’m super south but there is about 40 miles south of me…who knew?! I also plan to do another speed workout.

Questions for you:

Do you like the track or tempo workouts?