Marathon Grill

After Kevin and I’s long run last weekend we got brunch.  I’m an avid user of foursquare and a quick search of  restaurants brought us to the Marathon Grill.  It made sense to go with a name like marathon. It’s technically classified as an upscale diner, so I thought why not review it?

The Marathon Grill has several locations in Philadelphia. There is no parking but I had already found a garage for the run.

We arrived at the Marathon Grill around 9:30am.  For a Sunday the restaurant wasn’t as crowded as I anticipated.

Atmosphere: A 

The inside is clean and modern.  The walls are decorated with bright colors and bird cut outs.  It reminds me more of a hip and trendy restaurant.

From their website
From their website

The waitress was extremely nice and refilled my coffee and water a lot.  After running I was extremely thirsty for both coffee and water.

Coffee: A 

The coffee was a local Philadelphia brew called Chestnut Coffee. After doing research, I realized Chestnut Coffee is not far away and I’ll be visiting their coffee store soon.  The coffee itself is slightly nutty.  Personally I like flavored coffees the best so I drank a lot. The whipped cream was good as well!

marathon grill coffee

Food: A 

The Marathon Grill has multiple options from omelets to cookie dough pancakes to lunch items.  The problem was I wanted everything.

I ordered the smoked salmon omelet, which came with smoked salmon, tomatoes and goat cheese.  I ordered a side of fruit and their multigrain bread!

marathon grill omelet

As you can see from the photo they did not limit the goat cheese!  It was oozing out of the omelet. The omelet was a three-egg omelet and was probably 50% cheese. It was definitely one of the best omelets I’ve had in a while.

Cost: $

The cost of the omelet was $12.50.  The quality of the food and the ingredients they used made it 100% worth it.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 

Yes I will definitely be back.  The food was great and you could tell they use high quality ingredients.  I want to try the cookie dough pancakes as well as the design your own salad.  (This is basically me inviting anyone close by to go right now! Ha ha)

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: A 
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall score: A

Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of cheese?
What do you like to eat after a run?


  1. I love that you went for a run and then went to a restaurant called marathon diner!

    Lately I drink smoothies after a run because it is so hot!! In the cooler months, I like to eat pancakes and omelets after a run. I’ve never had cookie dough pancakes but those do sound delicious. The place we usually go for Sunday brunch has a different pancake special each Sunday and I could see that being a special. Your omelet looks delicious and I love goat cheese on anything. Plus the price was right for all that food.

  2. Cookie dough pancakes?!?! Sign me up! I like eating salty food after a long run as I rarely run my long runs in the mornings. But if I did? Then definitely pancakes.

  3. I love all cheeses except goats cheese, ha! Cookie dough pancakes?!?!? I need those in my life! Xo

  4. I concur with this review – and would add an “A+” for the category of “dining companion”!! I had the salmon scramble, by the way, which was so amazing I nearly cried. I regret not taking a picture of my food but it was entertaining watching Hollie take pictures of hers. 🙂

    PS – I like all types of cheese and enjoy trying new ones. My favorite is smoked Gouda. And who doesn’t love a good hearty breakfast food after a run?

  5. ohhhh that looks so good!! I love goat cheese. I always choose goat cheese if it’s an option. And Gruyere. I love diners, I’m sad there aren’t more options for cheap, delicious diners in my area. It’s all either not very tasty or WAY too expensive for my broke ass hahaha.

    1. I think NJ is the only state that has so many interesting and unique diners. There seems to be one on every corner!

  6. Cookie dough pancakes sound amazing! I’ll keep this place in mind when I’m in Philly for the half in November. 🙂

  7. That looks good! I love me a good breakfast place! The coffee looks fantastic too and I can’t wait till my body decides that I can drink coffee again!

  8. I used to go to Marathon Grill after the Broad Street Run! Although, I don’t remember them having cookie dough pancakes because that is obviously what I would have gotten. I would love to try that coffee too because I love Hazelnut coffee and that’s what I drink everyday. Maybe we could go to Marathon Grill after a city race sometime!

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