Training: 64 miles

Last week my training was all over the place. I took two rest days but I still ran about the same about of mileage as if I took one rest day.   In summary I took two rest days, I did a night time 10k and got a long run with personal friend Kevin.

Monday: 10 miles with fast finish
Tuesday: 10 miles easy
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: AM: 10.5 miles
PM: 5k (20:15)
Friday: Cross training AMT
Saturday: 10 miles easy
Sunday: 14 miles with Kevin
Total: 64 miles

On Thursday evening I ran a local 5k. Cliff notes version: I’m not a nighttime person. I had an enjoyable time with friends and used the run as more of a workout. I’ll have a recap soon! Thursday was my highest mileage day since the Phoenix marathon so I needed the day off after that too.


This morning I was able to run with Kevin in Philadelphia before running. I am so close to Philadelphia but barely make it over there. I’m glad I was able to do his long run with him! We started at 6:30am because of how hot it was.

kevin and i



On Friday I had an interesting conversation with Kevin about my personal training. Kevin and I have been great friends for about 3 years now. We were talking about training, speed and running in general. He was in town for a business meeting so it was nice to connect!

I believe my best shape of running was when I ran a 1:24 at the Nike Women’s half. I don’t believe I was in as good of shape when I PRed in Atlantic City.

In 2013, I was consistent with training and racing. I claimed my speed work came from races and to be honest, it did. As 2014 rolled in I still claimed my speed work came from races but realistically I didn’t race as often. It’s no wonder I wasn’t getting faster.

Now I’m back to racing a lot and my speed is slowly coming back. That is proven by race I did on Thursday. I ran a 20:15. At first glance, that isn’t as good as I’ve been. The race was on a harder course and I ran 10 miles in the morning. 20:15 is the same time I was racing in early June. Despite progress being slow, I am progressing. This is the happiest I’ve been with my running in the last 2 years.

Is it a coincidence I’m not training for a marathon? Maybe…but maybe it’s because I’m enjoying my lungs getting their speed workout in too.

Questions for you:

Do you race better in the evening?

What was your best workout this week?