Living for the Weekend

Or something like that?

This weekend had other plans  but a few things popped up so I ended up staying at home.  I tried to make the best of the sitatution and ultimately had a good time.

My friend Kevin was in town for an important conference so I got to give him a bit of a tour of NJ.  When my out of state friends are visiting there important item that must be done:

Show them them the best diner in New Jersey.  Yes we both had our own separate pieces.  I don’t share my cake…even with good friends.

me red velvet cake

kevin and cake

I did work all weekend.  As most people know, the Asics Quantum just came out so we had a big event at work for the release of it.  It’s an interesting shoe and one I may decide to buy and try out.  It’s got more gel than the Nimbus but with more gel means it’s a lot heavier.  It was comfortable to walk around work but definitely heavy.

On Sunday morning I drove into Philadelphia to run with Kevin.  It was extremely hot but we adjusted the pace accordingly.  The 14 miles flew by really quickly and was one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve had in a while!

Kevin and I

After the run, we decided to grab brunch at the Marathon Grill.  It was really good and I can’t wait to post a review about it!  Despite not being my original plan this weekend was very enjoyable.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite kind of cake?

How was your weekend? 

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  1. like I said in my response to your comment on the Gel Quantum – I like the shoe, but its too much to run in for me…and if I wasn’t given it, I probably wouldn’t pay that much for a walk around shoe.

    favorite cake: all of them.

  2. When I lived in Philly I used to eat at Marathon on Sansom EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY. It was beyond good. Their cookie dough pancakes… the best. So jelly of your recent excursion there. Can’t wait to read your review and live vicariously through you : )

  3. That’s what the general take on the shoe is here too: super comfortable for walking around, but the jury’s out on running in it (slash no one has run in it yet).

  4. I totally understand the cake hoarding — I’m the same way. I -might- share frosting, depending on what kind it is, but the actual cake part? No way. I’d have to go with Black Forest as my favourite. There’s just something about the combination of chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream that makes me weak in the knees.

  5. I think I finally just got rehydrated!! I wasn’t sure how my weekend was going to come together either, but we had a great time and I sure hope we can do it again soon! The food, the chats, and the running…loved it all!!

  6. Sometimes those weekends end up being the best-spontaneity is fun!

    red velvet, no questions. in fact, if/when i get married, i will have red velvet cake regardless what my groom wants 🙂

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