Seven Seas Diner

I’ve been to the Seven Seas Diner several times. In fact it was the first full meal I had after the New York City Marathon. I wanted to try it a few more times before determining it was my favorite diner.  Everything tastes the best after a marathon!  The Seven Seas Diner is located in Nassau County not far from my brother’s alma mater.

Image via here

Image via here

Atmosphere: A
The outside is a big building located on a corner. It’s nothing too interesting or exciting but it is well kept. The inside has several booths and tables as well as a bar. You walk in next to the bakery section. It’s a very standard diner layout.

Coffee: A
If you count every single time I’ve been to the diner, I’ve had close to 20 cups of coffee at the Seven Seas Diner. Oddly enough I have forgotten to take a photo every time!  To be honest, it’s because over half the times I’ve been were pre diner reviewing days.  Plus I’m normally with my family and we get chatting.  I’ve never had a bad cup. The waitresses have always brought multiple refills. The whipped cream is made fresh as well.

Food: A
The menu is huge. As with any diner, it’s a black hole of items. Unless you know exactly what you are craving you’ll have a hard time choosing right off the menu. Everything looks and sounds amazing.

A major reason the Seven Seas Diner is one of my favorite diners is because they have a pita bread bread basket. If you know me then you know pita bread is one of my foods. Any restaurant that has pita bread bread basket already starts off on the right foot.

Seven Seas Diner Pita Bread

I’ve been to the Seven Seas Diner and ordered a few different things.  The reason I haven’t posted a diner review until now is because I hadn’t taken any photos!  It’s hard to believe that I went to diners and liked them! A recent trip to the Seven Seas Diner included a greek omelet with feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes and onions.  Rye toast is my favorite so I ordered that as well.

Terrible photo and lighting but there was not an extra 5 seconds to take a new photo...

Terrible photo and lighting but there was not an extra 5 seconds to take a new photo…

I’ve also had the Mediterranean salad and Gyro wrap as well.

Dessert: A
The Seven Seas Diner gives you warm complementary chocolate chip cookies. I have never been to a restaurant that does that.

Super doughy.

Super doughy.  Since they are small you can eat 10 and pretend nothing happened… 

Cost: $15-20
The Seven Seas Diner is one of the more expensive diners I’ve been too. Even though it’s more expensive, the portion size, complementary cookies and high quality food makes it worth it.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back?
The Seven Seas Diner is one of my favorite diners and every time I am in the area I try and stop by.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $$
Overall Grade: A

Questions for you:
What is your favorite restaurant?
Have you ever been to a restaurant that gives complementary cookies or dessert?


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  1. This looks really good and hooray for free cookies! The only places I’ve been to with free dessert were ones that did free soft serve or something. It’s a cool idea to give everyone a small cookie or something at the end of the meal, more places should do it!

  2. Did that bread basket come free or did you have to pay for it? Seriously, if a place has free bread, I’m there. Sad that not many places give you food to eat while you wait, anymore. I mean, probably a good idea, but come on, I love bread. 🙂 And free dessert! Yum! We had a few places in Columbia, Missouri when I worked at Mizzou that gave free cookies after your meal. I think that attributed to my weight gain while there. (oops)

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