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Last week I had the very special treat to meet up with Mike and Alison.  Mike and Alison are the cocreators of the app Fit frame app.  I should do another post on that app soon since its recently been released to the public.  It’s an app that is used with instagram where you can log and track workouts through photos.  It’s really cool and one I would recommend!

mike alison and i

Mike and Alison are originally from Canada but have spent over a month in Switzerland.  A few weeks ago, they traveled to NYC.  When I found out they were going to be 2 hours away (versus a plane ride), I knew we needed to meet up.

I found a diner in North Brunswick that I heard was good.  For their first New Jersey diner, I had to find somewhere that at least had good reviews.  We met up at the Omega diner.

Atmosphere: A 

The Omega diner is massive.  I was not expecting it to be that big!  The outside is really nice and more modern than I was used too.  It was a very clean cut building.

The inside was extremely open with multiple rooms.  We were lucky to grab one of the last booths facing a window.   It’s a really nice open, modern diner.

Coffee: B 

The coffee wasn’t good or bad.  It wasn’t anything to write home about.  The waiter kept it refilled frequently which was nice.  The whipped cream was extremely melted every single time.  The coffee wasn’t especially hot that it should melt but the whipped cream hadn’t been refrigerated.

Omega Diner Coffee

Food: A 

When you experience your first NJ diner, you don’t know where to begin.  The pancakes, omelet, or how about lunch?  The menu for any diner is so overwhelming.

I was originally going to order the arugula salad but Alison’s Greek salad choice made me want one as well.  The Omega diner has everything a standard diner would have.  Luckily the menu isn’t the largest or overwhelming.

Omega Diner Salad

I thought this salad was really good because it had very green lettuce (versus white lettuce) as well as a large serving of feta cheese and chicken.  I also for a side of pita bread which was more cripsy than I normally like but no party foul.  I thought the food was in the top 10% of diners I’ve been too.

Cost: $$

The cost for the salad (with chicken) and coffee was 15. The amount of food you received made it worth it.

Overall Atmosphere/Would I Come Back?

I thought the Omega Diner was really good and I would love to come back. Hopefully next time they refrigerate their whipped cream. 

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Price: $10-18

Question for you: Do you like toast or bread crispy or still soft and doughy?


6 responses

  1. I like soft bread personally, but your salad looks great in general, there’s a lot of meat on it too. Sometimes places skimp with the fish or meat on salads but not this one. Glad you got to enjoy Omega with Mike and Allison too- sounds like they’ve had some interesting travels, and I’ve never heard of that app (might need to check that out).

  2. I like crispy pita when I am dipping it in hummus or avocado or cheese. However, I do not like toasted bread at all. I would rather microwave my bagels than toast them. They choke me lol

  3. Not sure if I ever mentioned this to you, but both my parents are from South Jersey and there is a diner in the town where my grandmom lives that she loves and we go to all the time. 🙂 NJ is a special place 🙂

  4. It was so great to dine with you and I loved my Greek salad and garlic bread. Set the bar high for diners and we’ll be keeping our eyes out for some in Vancouver to compare experiences. It’s too bad we will be so far away from you soon, but both of us are really hoping you’ll consider coming out west for a race in the future!

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