Haddon Hearts 5k (20:35)

It’s never fun to write a race recap when you log a personal worst (in the last few years). It’s hard not to compare yourself to previous times but coming back from injury you can’t compare…you shouldn’t compare period. I won’t lie and say I’m happy with this time because I’m not. My goal was to break 20 minutes and I didn’t do that. You can’t meet your goals for every race though.  I didn’t even take any photos during the race (I am not coordinated to take race selfies and to my knowledge there were no race photos taken).

On to the actual race…This race started less than a half mile from my house. I’ve never run to a race before but T and I decided to/from and get a nice warmup in. The moment I stepped outside, I knew my legs were tired and sore. We warmed up but I knew the race was going to hurt.

A summery of the race: 

haddon hearts 5k

We lined up together at the starting line and all of a sudden…we were off. I started as second place woman and I stayed there. The first place woman is a great personal friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier for her solid win!

The first mile I hit at 6:27. It was right on exact pace to break 20. Except I know exactly how I run 5ks and I knew I would absolutely not be able to hold that pace. Plus the first mile was downhill (a hill that we would be coming back up).

The second mile was mentally rough. There were a lot of small turns and I knew I wasn’t even half way to go.  A young child kept cutting me off, weaving in and out.  All I could think was “gee he is going to be fun to race in college…”. We began a series of small hills and my legs were already tired. I honestly wanted to just stop and sit there. My legs were sore, I was miserable but I somehow propelled through the second mile.  I was getting slower and slower and mentally the race was getting harder and harder.

By the third mile, the field was spread out. I had run by myself almost the entire race (I could see Tim way ahead though). One man passed me during the third mile and I’m surprised more people didn’t. I hit the third mile in 6:55.

Finally the last home stretch was just running up a hill to the finish. I don’t have much else other than it was painful and unenjoyable. Some races are like that.

I had a hard training week and it was apparent my body was tired. I have no regrets and I’m happy with my training week but logging any PW stinks.  I am not upset, giving up running or hanging in the towel because the race hurt.  I wasn’t expected a PR but I was expecting to be a bit quicker.  Nothing you can do but move forward.

Questions for you:

When was your last PW?

Do you say something in races when people cut you off multiple times?