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Today I start something new with my blog.  I start my first “real blogger” sponsored content.  Does that mean I’ve made it?  I don’t know…

Am I bluntly supposed to post that it’s sponsored? (well yes that is legal terms).   I’ve decided that since I plan to do a few sponsored posts (of products I like), I’m not going to hide that fact.  I’m not going to be try to be secretive with hidden links.  I’m also not going to spam my posts with multiple links of the same thing “for the clicks”.  Either you are interested in the product or you aren’t.  I’ll leave it up to you if you want to click the link and look. It’s just going to be there because honestly I don’t do sponsored posts of products I don’t like, so why hide, or spam links?

If companies care that I’m straight and to the point that a post is sponsored…that is shady on their part.  If I don’t tell you the post is sponsored…that is shady on my part.  I think it’s obvious when a post is sponsored anyways so it just makes sense to say it bluntly.  Why try and hide it?  I made the decision to take this product for free, so there isn’t a point to hide it.


So now after all of that time to talk about the product I’m posting about.

GNC has created a new product called PurEdge.  It is a high protein supplement.  They make protein powder, amino acid powder, daily energy performance enhancer, and protein bars.  As you can see, it’s very protein orientated.  As a distance runner, I am using the protein after I run.  I waited until I tried everything a few times before actually posting about it.

GNC PurEdge 1

The Protein Powder: 

They sent me natural chocolate protein powder.  It has 190 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein.  I have been looking for a protein powder for a while (I never found one that I fell in love with.  This one is pretty good.  It doesn’t taste chalky and it mixes well.  I added it to yogurt, made a smoothie with milk (on the one day in the last 2 weeks it’s been warm) and also made a recipe with it.

Apart from their most known protein powder they sent me they sent:

2 bars

Peanut butter cookie and banana nut muffin. 

GNC PurEdge

I enjoyed both at work.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m working in retail in the Holiday season…this means we are on the go for work the entire time.  We don’t have time to stand around and eat.  The bar kept me from not being starving for a few hours and took minimum effort to eat.  The flavor was also good and it didn’t taste like I was eating cardboard or flavored crap.  Plus the nutrition profile is good with 200 calories and 15-20 grams of protein.

I plan to buy more of these for work.  I was really impressed with the actually chunks of chocolate in the peanut butter cookie bar.  I would recommend these (right now) over any other bar  I’ve tried.

Complete Amino Acids: 

I’ve started taking these regularly but in all honesty, I think I’ll have to go through the entire container to see results.  I have never taken amino acids before so I’m just going to go through the entire container and I’ll check back in a month.

Finally, they sent Daily Energy Performance Enhancer.

It is recommended to replace coffee and drink one of these instead.  I don’t drink coffee before I run (only after).  I tried the cherry limeade on last week on my rest day to see how I would feel.  I replaced my coffee and had one scoop.  Throughout the day I didn’t notice a difference (energy wise) between the coffee and the daily energy enhancer.  For someone who doesn’t care for coffee, this is something I would recommend.

Last but not least, 

I was asked to make a recipe using one of the products.  As most people know I’m not that great at cooking.  As a blogger who likes to eat relatively healthy, you assume I can cook…this is false.  A long time ago, my blog was more known for making pancake recipes so I was hoping the protein powder they sent me would translate into that.  Pancakes are easy to make so I went that route.

If the recipe hadn’t worked I was going to add it to yogurt and ice and make a smoothie.

PurEdge Protein Pancakes

Protein pancake cooking on the griddle

Protein pancake cooking on the griddle

1 scoop PurEdge protein powder

½ cup flour

¼ cup cocoa powder

½ cup milk

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

Mix and add to the griddle.  I cook my pancakes at 350 degrees.  I hadn’t had protein pancakes in a while and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed them again.  This particular protein powder mixes well into the pancakes and them dense.  There have been powders I’ve tried that have simply fallen apart or created thin “crepelike” pancakes.  These were good and I would recommend it.

Protein Pancake with Syrup

Protein Pancake with Syrup

So that’s a wrap.  I am really glad to have been able to try the GNC PurEdge.  My protein bars and protein powder were my favorite and I’ll check back in after going through the rest of the amino acids and let you know how I feel.  If you are interested in any of the products, it’s all online here.

Questions for you:

Have you ever tried amino acids?

What is your favorite bar right now? 

I go through phases with bars.  Sometimes I eat a lot and sometimes I don’t.  Right now since work has been so busy, they have been getting me through the day.


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  1. Those pancakes look delicious. I haven’t heard of this GNC line but it’s good if you find a protein powder or bars you like. I know whole food is the way to go and all that, but bars are so great when you’re working or on the go. I have a lot of travel lately, for both the holidays and for work, and a protein bar is great for when you need something on the road. I too drink protein shakes post-run, and many contain amino acids (BCAA), but I’ve never tried a completely amino acid drink to know how it is.

  2. Good for you getting sponsored posts – you deserve it, and as I said before I think your fun and light and honest style is great for quality brands looking for genuine representation.

    As for me?
    – I am not a fan of ‘supplements’ for myself. Because of my eating, I prefer to focus on getting everything through natural eating.
    – I am a bit funny with bars as well – if I cannot see the ingredients, I am generally not interested. I prefer things like Kind bars, especially compared to weird pseudo-foods like Quest bars 🙂

    Thanks for the info on this!

  3. I’ve seen these GNC products on four different blogs now, and you’re the only one who has actually tagged it as ‘sponsored.’ I suppose some of the others have disclaimers somewhere, but the fact that no-one else has been as clear and transparent about it says it all. I wish others would learn from your example about the way you handle sponsored posts.

    I have tried both (vegan – PVL brand) BCAAs and protein bars. I still take the former, but the latter are just too $ for me (or £ in my case…), so I make my own bars if I’m going to eat them at all. I’m not really into protein at all right now, so I tend to just grab bananas and dates for a quick snack, but when I was I remember loving Organic Food Bars and Trek Bars (UK) and sometimes I’d get through three of the latter in one day!

    • Ha ha, I also saw someone do a giveaway for the things they were giving us. What’s the point of giving away product you are getting for free?!

      I feel like it’s obvious if a post is sponsored or not so I’m not going to hide it. This is how I plan to approach all my “sponsored posts”…that is if I get anymore after this one. 😉

  4. A LOLZ pancake recipe!! I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve seen one of those 😀 And I appreciate your openness regarding the sponsored post. I don’t generally mind when people do sponsored posts, but it kind of drives me nuts if it’s something that has nothing to do with the feel of their blog. Like… one time a PB company approached me and asked me if I wanted to review their product. Right 🙄 And when it comes to bars, I’m allergic to most of the store-bought ones, so I usually end up making my own.

    • I am planning to do the Air Force Full in Ohio next fall. That’s so long away though, so who knows what could happen between now and then 🙂

      • i was thinking of that one too since i want to do an early rather than late fall race. we’ll see!😃 thx for reply

  5. Hollie you are officially a real blogger now!!! I’m so proud of you 😉

    I have some Cellucor amino acid something or other samples but I am unclear if they actually do anything. I really like GNC products though, their protein powders are some of the best I’ve ever tried.

  6. LOVE your honesty. I didn’t realize that I was clicking on so many sponsored posts and affiliate links in other running blogs that I visit. Oops.

    Those pancakes look delish. I haven’t tried any amino acids, but I can name the 20 amino acids, their abbreviations, and recognize their chemical structures. thank you, molecular biology class midterm.

    currently obsessed with coconut kindbars. mmm.

  7. I’ve used BCAAs before but didn’t end up getting through the bottle because I forgot to take them. I don’t think they really made a difference. My favorite bars are larabars because they taste great and have ingredients I can pronounce.

  8. Congrats on the sponsored posts! You’ve definitely made it 😉 I’m interested to hear how the amino acids work out for you. I’ve been using an amino acid supplement as well and I think it works but honestly it could be any number of things that have helped me to feel better.

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