Signing a Wedding Dress Waiver

A few days ago the bridal dress store called and said my dress had arrived.

I promptly said “oh great, does it still have built in hips?!” I got a few LOLZ from the various employees. It took exactly four months to come in but my dress is here ready to be fitted.  It is hard to believe that was four months ago, it feels like yesterday! Here was my experience.

Not my dress but a dress that just kept getting bigger and bigger.
Not my dress but a dress that just kept multiplying…when does it end?

When I tried and found a wedding dress they made me sign a waiver. Not a waiver saying I would pay for the dress but signing off on the size we ordered. I was signing to say I would not be upset (in four months) due to the size we agreed on previously.

I think it was a size 6 or 8 but I can’t remember (she took my measurements and I said…you know best and I trust you). It really shows how much I remember or care. It struck me as very interesting that I had to sign a waiver that they ordered me the correct size dress. So interesting, I said this:

Do you when I walk down the aisle what I want people to think and say?

The receptionist (probably tired of my sarcasm at this point): what’s that?

I want people to wonder what size dress I got and make a comment about it. It takes me back to this straight forward point: no one knows or cares what dress you are. No one cares your weight. At your wedding, people notice how happy and how glowing you are…not your damn dress size. 

Anyone getting married or who has tried on wedding dresses will tell you they run small. I don’t want to try and squeeze into a smaller size because it’s not going to be flattering and I’m just going to be uncomfortable.  I’ll be exploding out of the dress trying to get my dance on.

I guess my point is this. It’s sad how fixated on weight and size our society has become. It’s sad I had to sign a waiver to order the correct size. We shouldn’t worry about a dress size, we should focus on being healthy.