Whitman Diner

Tim and I met one of our mutual friends at the Whitman Diner in Turnersville, NJ. It was one of those days that everything seemed to go wrong. Before arriving to the diner, we had fallen asleep, it began pouring rain and the traffic in South Jersey was awful.  I ended up being awoken by a text saying…seeing you in 15 minutes (my drive there would be much longer).  After recently moving from the actual garden part of the state (to the stereotype Jersey) I have had to get used to new traffic patterns in NJ. This diner was only 9 miles from my house yet took 29 minutes to get too.

Atmosphere: A
The atmosphere is very retro diner. It screams retro diner. The old school red booths and silver linings allow it to scream classic diner.  I tried to take a good photo but none were as good as their facebook photos.

the whitman diner

Source (facebook)


Coffee: A
They were easily able to add whipped cream. She refilled it multiple times and it was deliscious. Nothing unusual or special about the coffee but it was good!  If there are multiple refills and the whipped cream is good…I’m pretty easy to please.

Whitman Diner Coffee

Food: B
The menu is pretty big. They have all of the diner staples but it was a little less variety than you would expect. It wasn’t a big deal but I was surprised they had a limited choice of milkshakes.  I had been craving a milkshake but they only had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  I was craving a cookies and cream.

The one thing that annoyed me (about the food and menu) was how littered the menu was ads. It was one page of meals, one page of ads. I completely understand it as a means of bringing in revenue but seeing women in bikinis doesn’t entice me to order anything.  It was the first time I had seen this.

We (by we I mean me) first ordered the pita and hummus appetizer. It was really good pita bread. I don’t have much knowledge of hummus but it was good.  The pita bread was perfectly buttered and the hummus was just good.

Whitman Diner Pita Bread

I ordered their house specialty salad “the Rocketman”. It came with arugula, corn, avocado and ahi tuna. The salad was really good but I do wish it was bigger. I hadn’t had tuna in so long but I could tell this was some of the best tuna I’ve ever had. It could be the contender for the absolute best  I’ve had at a restaurant.  Although I was left relatively hungry afterwords, it did allow me to have room for dessert.

Whitman Diner Salad

Whitman Diner Salad (2)

Dessert: A
I will be honest one of the main reasons I had interest in this diner was the advertisement of red velvet cake. I had been most concerned with that aspect of the meal! This diner was on my to do list and listed in the “dessert” category.  I got red velvet cake and vanilla ice cream. The cake was delicious and lived up to my hopes. The cream cheese frosting was one of my favorites to date. The ice cream was also very good…The red velvet cake lived up to it’s expectations for sure!

Whitman Diner Red Velvet Cake

Overall atmosphere: A
Would I come back?
I really enjoyed this diner and I will be back at some point. The only thing that weirded me out was the women in bikini ads on the menu. It seemed like they were doing a really good business and that was unnecessary. What do I know though?  So yes, I will be back.  I would recommend going if you are ever in South Jersey or Turnersville.

The Whitman Diner is in my top 5 Diners of South Jersey so far.

Questions for you:
Do you like tuna?
I ate a lot (read at least 3-4 nights) of grilled tuna one semester. It was easy and quick. I grew tired of it and never touched it again. Honestly, this makes me want to get back into eating tuna again occasionally.
Are there any restaurants near you that you want to try?


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    • Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I forgot that part. HA, it was actually less expensive than you think. It was 15 for my salad and coffee!

  1. This diner looks cool and it sounds like you really enjoyed your meal there and the service was great. Sorry about the menu with ads. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that and I would be a little creeped out if it was ads for women in bikinis, eww. But I guess that’s pretty minor too if all else was good.

    I know your pain of driving 29 minutes to go 9 miles. Ugh… traffic!

  2. That velvet cake looks amazing! I always want it to taste strawberry or cherry flavored because of the color…but chocolate is a pretty good second choice. I kind of despise tuna because I ate it so much a few years ago and now I don’t eat it at all. I like your idea of coffee with whip. Do you add cream and sugar as well or just black with the whip?

  3. I love going to a restaurant purely because of the pudding menu hehe. It like I’m binding my time with the main course until I get to eat what I really came for! I’ve gone back to one restaurant twice more because of their amazing fudge cake. It’s all about dessert for me!

  4. Funny you mention milkshakes. I went to an “upscale” diner Saturday night, and one of its specialties include milkshakes; they had chocolate, vanilla, raspberry (!!), and coconut one. The last time I was there, the coconut one was cookies ‘n cream. My teammate got the chocolate one and said it was excellent!

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