Aches, Pains and 34 Miles

This last week I’ve found myself asking, when do I begin to train with purpose?  When do I consider myself recovered enough to even considering myself training?  When can I stop telling people I’m recovering and am “just training”? I still don’t really have an answer for that honestly.

I desperately want to say I’m “just” running and “just” training.  I don’t want explain I’m recovering from injuries.  That being said this week has been a pretty good week for running.   I’ve felt decent the entire during each run.

During the day my foot has felt slightly achy in both the point of fracture and all over. The thought of running fast (right now) makes me cringe.  I tried to visualize myself racing and I just had the thought of my bone breaking into one million pieces (That probably isn’t the best visualization to have).

That being said my runs are ticking off at a decent progression.  I’m still not concerned with pace.  I’m concerned with keeping it consistent and time on my feet.  I have talked to several people and professionals about the possibilities of the ache in my foot. There are many possibilities such as a dull ache of a bone break, my bone reforming or even tendonitis.  It hasn’t changed my gait and it sounds like it’s normal “running post fracture ache”.

The advice I was given was keep it consistent and if your foot pain changes, we will reevaluate you.  All in all I was very happy with my week of training.  I think I’m more paranoid than anything else honestly.

Monday: 4.25 miles
Tuesday: 4.25 miles
Wednesday: 6.42 miles (1 hour of running)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4.25 miles
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 7.2 miles (65 mins of running)
Total: 31 miles

Goals for next week:

It’s hard for me to believe next week it will be mid November.  I had hoped to have a “test” race sometime soon but I think I’m going to continue to keep my training relaxed.  I am recovering a lot slower than I would liked or predicted but that is how some injuries go.  I’m not upset and I’m starting to feel strong and confident as a runner.

Next week I hope I’ll be around 35 miles (around being key).  I am hoping for a 70-75 minute long run next week as well. I’m going to integrate cross training as well as strength work back into my running.  I’m also getting a deep tissue massage tomorrow which I look forward too.

Questions for you:

Are you running for mileage or time?

What was your best workout of the week?