Scrimmages and Boyfriends.

I had a few question for a Q&A post and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about Tim.  Not “the man”, that guy…the mr…just Tim.  I know, I’m so romantic and we call each other the cutest pet names ever.  Even if we did that wouldn’t be for the blog I guess. 

As you guys know, Tim and I are in a long distance relationship and have been for the last 8 months now.  Does it stink?  Yeah but that is life.  I’m not going to complain about it on my social media platforms because that is what I chose and I’m happy with it.  Unlike my last boyfriend, we like to keep things relatively quiet.

Tim is currently in air force flight school and will be until October.  Not only is long distance hard, but it’s harder in the military when you can’t really chat everyday.  We have gone days without talking but in the same regard I don’t complain.

We met through running believe it or not.  (shocking) Tim is fantastic at running and I don’t really feel the need to be humble about that.  He ran a 16:59 5k during flight school when running no miles.  By none, I mean working 12 hour days and not running or working out.  I love how casual he is about running…he knows right now that he can’t run high mileage (or a lot of mileage) due to work and school and he is okay with that.

Anyways we met during a college cross country race.  Since we went to neighboring schools, (literally 2 miles apart) our cross country teams always have a scrimmage.  Well if you remember correctly, (well probably not since you probably weren’t reading my blog then) but that particular race was a week before our conference championships.  I had been coming off my tibial stress fracture, only ran half of season then pulled my hamstring and was recovering from that.  I talked my way through this scrimmage and kept pace with one of the boys on my team.  We were supposed to take it as a tempo run.  (It was also like 15 degrees).

I won this Snickers Bar.


And also met him.  Somewhat.  We didn’t really chat or formally introduce ourselves but we both won…him for overall males and me for overall females.

Obviously not running...actually we are at a bar.
Obviously not running…actually we are at a bar.

Over the course of that next week we chatted some…a bit…well not really that much at all.  It wasn’t really until later October after cross country season ended that we started chatting.  He was preparing for Nordic ski season and I was preparing not to die in the winter time (to my defense it was a warmish winter last year).     We went on our first “date”, he asked if I wanted to do a short run together…I erm…blew him off…several times in luau of the treadmill.

Then finally we went on the most chilly run of my life.  (until running in Oswego).  I think I complained the entire run and I was pretty positive he hated running that slow with me as well as whining.  We chatted off and on and went on several more runs (I think I logged some as my “running friend” or whatever on dailymile).  We hung out outside of run life as well as when he didn’t have ski races and whatnot.   It was nice because Tim didn’t really drink in college a lot (going to an engineering school, sports and ROTC…plus that just wasn’t his thing).  He didn’t mind just hanging out and watching movies (and being lazy).

Then it was time for winter break and he came and visited me over New Years.  Still I did not announce we were “together” or facebook official or any of that jazz.  Someone commented on my blog (I forget who) saying my friend was really hot.  I think it went to his head.  LOL.

Finally right before February we decided to make it somewhat more public.  Of course our friends and family knew…but you guys didn’t know…my facebook friends that I don’t actually talk to didn’t know…joe schmoo didn’t know…which was fine by me.  I’m not really into public announcements about that sort of thing anyways.

So that is that, since then we have had a normal relationship and by normal I mean as best as long distance can be.  We don’t fight and not talking every day only gives us things to actually talk about when we do.  I can’t tell you we have had any drama…because we haven’t.    I can’t tell you how I overcame some hardship to be with him or him with me.  We have always been happy together.  I guess that is what boring 90 year old long distance couples are.

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  1. And Hollie shows her adorable side. 🙂 I absolutely love when people are just happy and drama free. That’s how my marriage is and sometimes I’m like come on people, just stop being crazy and get happy! But I know I got super lucky with Frank, and it sounds like you did with Tim. Apparently they aren’t all so cool?

  2. That’s so cute that you two met running! I think we’re both in the same boat in terms of taking fitness/training seriously, which means it’s so, so important to find a guy who’s on the same page. Like, I don’t think bros could handle my 9 p.m. bedtime. 😉

  3. I love reading/hearing about how couples met! Sounds like you two are a great match. I give you props for being so chill about the long distance thing. I don’t know if I’m self assured enough to handle that…admittedly. Plus I think it’s going to be a longggg while before I find a dude that’ll put up with my boring, 90 year old ways. 😉

  4. I am thinking back to when you told me more of this story at breakfast that time and it’s making me laugh to myself but it really does seem like you guys have it working out pretty well for the situation you’re in and that’s awesome. Nobody wants any drama. It’s unnecessary and unpleasant. Noooo thank you. Plus, going on running dates is pretty perfect for you 🙂

  5. Even though I heard this story over the weekend on our run, it was great reading it again… you 2 are lucky to have each other, and I am so happy you get to see him soon. You do a lot better job than me, if John and I were that far apart, it would be hard not to complain. And something I didn’t tell you this weekend… there’s nothing wrong with not being crazy open and public about your relationship. There were only a handlful of people who knew we were dating…until we were engaged.. so people were like OMG I didn’t even know you were dating and you’re engaged, and I was like… yeah my life isn’t lived through telling people everything!

    1. I just complain to him…it doesn’t count LOL. Even with a blog, there is absolutely no reason to put things like that out there unless they are relevant. I’m not going to flaunt boyfriends, work and all that jazz. That isn’t why I started a blog, if that topic comes up…great….if it doesn’t…oh well!

  6. My husband and I were in a long distance relationship too. He was already done with school and had to go back here in the US while I was still finishing school in other country. But now we’re together, we realized everything that happened to us have reasons. Just hang in there! I admire relationships going strong against all odds. 🙂

  7. Nawww, too cute! I’m glad you found a relationship which works for you and you’re MAKING it work. Honestly, I’m okay with not talking to someone for weeks on end because it makes the time you do talk MUCH more special. I did have a fling but he couldn’t do long distance. Whomp, whomp. It makes me jealous you found a boy willing to make it work 😛

  8. Love hearing how ya’ll started…especially that you started because of running 🙂

    This gives me hope for the months that Ty and I will spend apart with all our Army training. I leave for 4 months this summer and then he will have his training when he graduates. Not to mention deployments, etc. So I can connect with where you’re at but like you said-when we do get to talk/see one another it’s so much better! Definitely don’t take the time spent together for granted like couples often do.

    1. We don’t at all and we never did previously. The thing with us is that we were never up each others butts during college either so the transition wasn’t as bad!

  9. I didn’t know you guys met through running, pretty cool. Sounds like he is quite speedy too. Also, facebook official kind of makes me laugh.. i feel like even when I am in a relationship i wouldn’t want to announce it like that.

    1. We had been seeing other previously obviously and there will still so many people when we became “official” that were all like…awe congrats on dating. Nevermind they were a few months too late LOL.

  10. My boyfriend and I did long distance for almost a year and it’s not ideal but you’re right, it gives you something to talk about when you can. It also makes seeing each other so much more special.

  11. I completely agree. When you do long-distance with someone, it makes the times you do get to talk and be together actually mean something. You guys look really good together!

  12. Gah, this post was so stinking cute. That’s awesome y’all met through running since it’s obviously so important to you. Cheers to the next 7 months when he graduates and y’all can talk on a more regular basis.

  13. Ahhhh this is so cute!! My boyfriend is in the marines so I know how much the long distance thing sucks but how it works. He’s in Afghanistan now so getting to hear his voice is a real treat.

  14. Hey props to you guy for doing the long distance thing! Not easy. Not that I’ve ever done it, but still it sounds hard. I can definitely see how it would make talking to each other especially meaningful since you can’t just talk everyday! Also that 5k time on no running is sick. Now if only I could do that haha.

  15. aw this is the side we don’t see. love the story! and long distance only works if the two of the people are honest and willing. I’ve seen so many fail in the past but you guys seem to have a very good structure! and oh geeze his run time …

  16. Wow this story is so similar to me and my boyfriends’!
    Tom (hahah even the names are almost the same?!) just joined the army, and had to move to Canberra from Sydney, which is about a 2.5 hour drive away.
    agreed, long distance sucks, and it’s really difficult that we can’t talk for long everyday/only see eachother every few weeks; but I know that he’s happy and doing what he loves 🙂
    in the early days before we were official, I blew him off for runs too!!
    his friends called me the “stand up” girl haha 🙂

  17. 😀 I love how yall met and hung out and then slowly became a couple. I think that is why you two work so well. I also love that you don’t obsess over the relationship and that you don’t post about it constantly. The relationship truly is between you and him and I bet he appreciates that!

  18. aww this is actually adorable! I always thought the best relationships came from being friends first and then like slooowly being together. Relationships with no drama are also the best kind. And I think the fact that you two are both so okay with long distance is what’s going to make it work – you trust each other and don’t feel the need to share every single little detail of your lives – that’s what makes a real relationship!

  19. I am a sucker for relationship post because no matter what my heart usually melts a little! I really love how comfortable and confident you two are in the relationship – which shows through the long distance aspect. The fact that you can’t talk to him everyday shows you have a life outside of each other. Not going to lie – I think its perfect that you met him through running.

  20. aw love how we met stories, Drew and I share cycling and running together and one of the reasons we really started talking in the first place so it’s fun to still do it together. We waited 3 months after we started dating to make it official on Facebook peeps are too nosy for moi. LOL. Also I think Drew and I have spent more time long distance than actually together- it blows but almost over whoop! hope the rest of the time apart flies by and you get to see each other more! 😀

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